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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 33: The Calm Before the Storm

After the tragedy in last week’s episode, Episode 33 of Slime brings the natural next step. After his people are killed, his city is destroyed, and his patience is tested, Rimuru plans his revenge. Let’s break down this week’s episode (Spoilers spoilers, you know the drill).

Last week, after the murder of some of his closest friends, Rimuru discovered a potential method of raising the dead. Unfortunately, it is not merely some skill he can acquire. If he can become a Demon Lord, there is a slight chance he can return his friends to life and restore their souls. Unfortunately, becoming a Demon Lord requires the sacrifice of somewhere around 10,000 human souls, a rather difficult thing to get.

However, thanks to the jealousy and greed of the Kingdom of Falmuth, about 20,000 human soldiers are headed towards Tempest to fight the nation of monsters. (Oh wow, 20,000 souls, that’s just enough for TWO people to become demon lords, I’m sure that’s not important though.) This week, we see Rimuru planning exactly how he is going to take down all these humans and achieve his goals.

But, before he talks battle strategy, Rimuru has a serious discussion with his friends. He tells them about how he used to be a human in another world, and that is why he didn’t want the monsters to harm humans. He says that it is because of that rule of no harming humans that so many have died. The ruler of Tempest lays himself bare before everyone and apologizes.

Their reaction is just what we would expect. Everyone else begins to address their own flaws and where they failed in the plan. Rather than let Rimuru assume full blame, many people stand up to point out they have all had their failings. This shows just how much the citizens of Tempest value and respect Rimuru’s leadership.

A Plan to Fix Everything

After their serious conversation, Rimuru begins to lay out his plan for how to take on the Kingdom of Falmuth. He dispatches all of his most trusted warriors to handle the four groups that are guarding the barrier that weakens monsters. He also tasks a few others with creating a new barrier inside of the city to help contain the souls of his fallen friends.

Slime Episode 33 ends with a foreboding series of shots where citizens of Tempest start to make their moves on the unsuspecting humans. Next week’s episode will no doubt be filled with carnage and the results of these confrontations.

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