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Wonder Egg Priority Episode 9: The Real Reason Behind Suicides

We took a one-week break as the previous episode of Wonder Egg Priority was a recap. However, Wonder Egg Priority Episode 9 premiered on March 9, 2021, and it cast a light on some of the show’s mysteries! As always, beware, spoilers below!

The episode starts innocently as Neiru invites other girls to her house. Of course, girls didn’t expect it so they were extremely surprised by the proposal. After arriving at Neiru’s company, we get to see some of her dreams that were recorded using the company’s technology. After getting to the room Neiru is living in, girls start enjoying themselves as they play together.

Not everything is fun though, as Neiru introduces her best friend, Kotobuki. Apparently, she got herself killed in one of the experiments she was conducting. We also get to watch one of Neiru’s dreams, where she met Kotobuki and learned some things about “death” itself. Afterward, the girls have an argument that cuts the meeting short. Ai remained with Neiru to talk about her problems while Rika and Momoe headed to the place where Acca and Ura-Acca were. There, they learn that those two were behind the suicides of girls they want to save.

Wonder Egg Priority keeps us on the edge while its climax is closer than ever. We really can’t wait for the finale of Wonder Egg Priority as only 3 episodes are left!

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