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Wonder Egg Priority Episode 10: The Fear of Death

Wonder Egg Priority is heading to its conclusion as Episode 10 shows us what happens after saving one of the statues. Last week we got to see some questions answered while new ones were born. As always, beware, spoilers below!

The episode starts with girls meeting for a girl talk. Momoe got asked out by a boy but unfortunately, there was a big misunderstanding between her and the boy who asked her out. Momoe explains the misunderstanding to her friends and the anime cuts to Ai talking to her teacher, Sawaki. Apparently, he’s quitting his job as a teacher to pursue a career as an artist.

A little bit later we get to see Momoe trying to save a boy. In fact, Kaoru Kurita is a girl, but at heart, he identifies as a boy. We also get to learn, as always, the reason that made him go as far as committing suicide. It was extremely disturbing and gave Momoe even more reasons to save him. Kaoru also kisses her and says that Momoe can’t find a boyfriend as he’ll go after her.

However, it seems that it was Momoe’s last fight as she learns the truth behind the “game” she just finished. A girl with a butterfly for a head appeared and murdered Panic, making Momoe eat its meat. That experience traumatized her as she trembles in fear in her bedroom.

It seems that the ending won’t be a happy one. There are only 2 episodes left so be sure to vote for Wonder Egg Priority as your anime of the week here!

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