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Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7: Show Takes a Darker Turn

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7 takes a darker turn as it shows us Rika’s past and explains what she struggles with. The episode dealt with some heavier topics, especially things like hurting yourself. As always, beware of spoilers below.

The episode starts with an introduction of Rika’s mother. Girls are talking about when should they meet up and we can see Rika’s mother lying on the table at their place. We already get to know that her mother has problems with drinking alcohol. She also doesn’t want to tell Rika anything about her father. Then we can see girls meeting up together and talking happily about their day.

After the conversation hurt Rika a bit she ran away. Ai chased her and they talked together about their mothers. Rika is very sad as she wants to meet her father. Unfortunately, her mom keeps her from doing that. She also mentions that she only knows his voice and can’t remember how he looks like.

After that we see Rika trying to hurt herself. Apparently, that’s how she coped with the sadness and things that she had to bear with. We also get to see a fight scene, where Rika almost surrenders and wants to completely give up. However, her partner, Mannen, saves her as she’s about to get killed. Girls are also hoping that Rika will get herself together and pull through. Then, we get to see an insanely well-animated action sequence with amazingly matched music.

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