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Wonder Egg Priority Episode 6: Ohto Ai is Angry

Another week, another episode of Wonder Egg Priority! Wonder Egg Priority Episode 6 focuses mainly on Ai, showing us her growth as well as what’s happening in her home. What’s more, we see that the girls getting a “power-up” in form of a partner that will help them throughout their adventures! As always, spoilers below!

The episode starts with Ai’s fight and introduction of a new enemy – Haters. The show explains how they work and apparently, in groups, they are as strong as a boss. Girls have to get back to the real world as the “Accas” need to come with a plan on how to defeat the Haters.

Girls receive a pendant each that contains their new partners. Each of those partners is different and they appear as animals. We also get to know why Ai had such a bad mood. Her mom wants to date together with Sawaki sensei. Unfortunately, Ai still has no idea what exactly happened to her best friend, Koito, so she has mixed feelings about her mom’s confession.

The episode shows us Ai that wants to go back to school. It seems that the whole journey she experienced over the last 6 episodes allowed her to grow as a person!

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