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Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11: The Temptation of Death

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 11 premiered on March 23, 2021, and explained a lot of things. We got to see Acca’s and Ura-Acca’s past that cast a light on all mysteries that the show presented us so far.

The episode starts with Rika “clearing” the game. She gets to see the person she tried to save for a brief while, and right after the life of her pet gets taken. As she tries to retaliate, Dot, a monster that appeared, scares her so much, that she loses all of her will to fight. After that, the show cuts to Ai entering Acca’s and Ura-Acca’s house. As Ai wanders the corridors, Ura-Acca approaches her and decides to tell her about his past.

That’s when we learn about Frill, a girl that the Accas made. She was supposed to be an AI but she behaved like a normal person. After a while, Acca decided to marry Azusa Hosina. That’s where things started to get really scary. Frill was jealous and simply decided to kill Acca’s wife. Before that, however, Frill created the monsters we saw in episodes 10 and 11. Furious Acca threw Frill into something that looked like a coffin hoping it would be the end and moved on with his daughter and Ura-Acca.

Then, we learn that Acca’s daughter committed suicide. The episode ends with Ai getting to know what was the cause of the suicides. Hopefully, we will get a fitting ending to the series next week!

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