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Wonder Egg Priority Ending Explained

Many fans are confused about the true ending of Wonder Egg Priority and may need it explained.

In case you haven’t heard, Wonder Egg Priority aired during the Winter 2021 anime season – but due to production issues, episode 8 was replaced with a recap episode and the series paused airing at episode 12.

This March, the official website announced a one-hour “Wonder Egg Priority Special Edition” episode that will wrap up the series and reveal the “true” ending. It premiered this Tuesday, June 29th on Japanese TV and is released on several streaming platforms including Funimation.

What happened?

The first 25 minutes of the special is a recap of the events that took place during episodes 1-12. It summarizes the experiences the girls had collecting eggs as well as Acca and Ura-Acca’s past. The end of the recap shows what we saw in episode 12 when Ai protects her alternative self in her dream and fights her last fight. After being overpowered by Frill’s monster Kirara, Ai’s alternative self sacrifices her blue eye so our Ai can clear the mission.

At this point, she, Momo Sawaki, and Rika Kawai quit collecting eggs as they’ve all cleared their missions. Ai was able to bring her friend Koito back to life, but Koito seems not to remember her at all.

Ai finds out that Rika’s number one fan, Chiemi, also no longer remembers her and is now a fan of a different idol named Makorin. Momo Sawaki’s friend, Haruka, who was originally in love with her, has forgotten those memories as well and is now dating a male upperclassman.

Why did Ai, Rika, and Momo’s friends all lose their memories? It’s because collecting eggs doesn’t return them back to life, but creates an alternative version of them that never died. It’s possible that the original versions of their friends are still somewhere in the dream world, the way Ai’s alternative self, who committed suicide, was.

What happened to Neiru?

Neiru also completed her mission, and her twin younger sister Airu is brought back to life – whom Ai thinks is Neiru at first. Kotobuki Awano is also revived with no memories of dying. However, unlike the other heroines, Neiru hasn’t made it back from the dream world. We find out why when Kotobuki shows the girls a video of Neiru’s last dream.

We already learned in Wonder Egg Priority that Neiru Aonuma was created artificially in a laboratory. Throughout the series, she shows concern for acting more “human” like the people around her. In her last dream, Frill appears, taking advantage of this, and manipulates Neiru into staying in the dream world to learn how to be human from her. Neiru is currently lost in the dream world.

Upon learning that her friend is an AI, Rika refuses to risk her life for a machine. Ai also doesn’t take action at first; instead she transfers into a new school and gradually drifts apart from her wonder egg friends.

Then one day, Ai makes an impulsive decision and hurries to Acca and Ura-Acca for more eggs. Despite her uncertain chances, she wants to try and save Neiru, and the episode ends with Ai choosing to fight.

What still remains unanswered?

There are several questions still left unanswered by the ending of Wonder Egg Priority. One of them is, what truly happened to Koito?

We know Mr. Sawaki’s explanation of what happened: Koito was in love with a different professor who committed suicide. After the incident, she went to the edge of her school rooftop saying she would jump. Mr. Sawaki tried to save her, but she kept shouting that he raped her, before killing herself.

It’s never made clear whether this story is true; from what we’ve seen in the show, Mr. Sawaki does not seem like he’d assault his student, but Koito also does not seem like the type of girl to lie about such a thing. In the end, we never learn whether Mr. Sawaki is partially responsible for her death.

Another unanswered question is, what connection does Frill have with teen girls’ suicides? How does she drive them to death?

A theory is that she secretly accessed her creators’ research when they still trusted her and used the information to her advantage. Frill likely wants attention from Acca and Ura-Acca, who abandoned her, by interfering with their work. In a daughterly-yandere-way, she wants to be the only person significant to them and must get rid of everyone else in her way. This could be due to having an abnormal childhood and possible errors in her creation.

The 1-hour special ending of Wonder Egg Priority answers some of our questions but leaves several important mysteries unsolved. As it’s an original work, we can only find these answers through a sequel or another special episode. There has been no news about a continuation as of yet – but stay tuned for possible updates!

All images are from Wonder Egg Priority episode 13 on Funimation.

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