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Netflix Paid Bottom Rates for Anime Produced at MAPPA

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Ippei Ichii, an animator, tweeted out about the fact that animators at MAPPA were being offered bottom rates for anime produced for Netflix. His latest tweet sheds light on this:

“To avoid misunderstanding I have to say that I have an issue with Netflix. With their financial possibilities, they are starting to place orders with really low rates, possibly even lower than those of a TV series.”

Previously, he tweeted that about the rates per anime cut, and what he suggests is the best rate to negotiate:

“The producer, who is working on a Netflix anime at MAPPA, suggested rates such as 3,800 yen (~US$34) per cut. Usually, the budget for TV series is between 3,800 to 7,000 yen. That means that if you accept that offer, the unit price for animators would go down. I think it’s best to negotiate for 15,000 yen (~US$134) or more.”

An animator also claimed to have been paid 250 yen (~US$2) for in-between animation. They said that since it was for a film project that needed to be polished, the work was extra demanding.

Netflix produced its original anime Yasuke together with MAPPA. It has six episodes, which are available for streaming inside the platform.

Netflix Anime

Netflix is really getting into getting more anime, both already existing ones and original ones, on their platform. Just in June 2021, they announced 3 brand new series and revealed the release dates for over 5 shows. This year we also had the premiere of “Trese“, “Yasuke“, “Eden“, and “The Way of the Househusband.”

Aside from Studio MAPPA, Netflix in October 2020 has established business partnerships with Japanese studios NAZ and Science SARU as well as South Korea’s Studio Mir. Previously in 2018, Netflix secured partnerships with studios Production I.G, WIT Studio, Bones, David Production among others.

Not to mention, Netflix established this year the WIT Animator Academy program together with WIT Studio and Sasayuri Video Training Center. The academy trains young animators, and the first course started this April. Netflix is reported to shoulder tuition and living costs of the program for the multiple years.

Source: Ippei Ichii’s Twitter

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