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UPDATED: Netflix June 2021 Anime Announcements

Netflix has announced new anime titles and global release dates for some of the anticipated series during its Geeked Week event. In addition to the Geeked Week announcements, new information from Netflix Japan was also made available.

In addition to the new anime releases, we’ve also included global release dates announcements. You can find the full list of Netflix’s June 2021 anime announcements below.

Netflix Japan New Anime Announcements

Grimms’ Fairy Tales

Netflix is teaming up with Studio WIT and CLAMP to bring us a new, modern take on classic Grimms’ fairy tales. Not a lot is known about the new project at the moment, but it seems like it will be a horror anime. Michiko Yokote (Shirobako) is writing the screenplay.

Thermae Romae Novae

Seinen comedy, Thermae Romae Novae, is getting an anime adaptation. Studio NAZ will be animating the series, which is based on a manga by Mari Yamazaki. Yuichiro Momose is writing the screenplay, while Tetsuya Tatamitani is directing the series. A teaser visual (below) was also published:

Super Crooks

Super Crooks is an upcoming Netflix anime. Motonobu Hori is directing, as can be seen in the tweet below. Even though it’s based on a US comic by Mark Miller, the adaptation will be animated by Studio Bones.

Global Release Dates

Beastars 2

Beastars 2 also received a release date – July 15th, 2021. Even though it aired this Winter in Japan, it wasn’t available worldwide. Studio Orange confirmed this on their Twitter, while also sharing a trailer:

Watch the full trailer below:

Godzilla: Singular Point

The newest Godzilla series, Godzilla: Singular Point is also coming to Netflix worldwide. The anime will be available to stream on June 24th.

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