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Why You Should Watch "The Way of the Househusband"

On April 9, 2021, the new series, “The Way of the Househusband” (also known as “Gokushufudo“), finally premiered on Netflix and people did not expect such an animation style from the series. One could say that way of animating the show was pretty different and kind of new for everyone.

But let not such an issue stop you from experiencing a hilarious joyride! Despite the different style of approach in animating, the series is a must-watch, and here’s why.

A Set of Humorous Characters

A former yakuza member becoming a full-time househusband, his adorable wife, and his former junior – sounds like a show full of gags and laughs. Well, it is indeed a show full of laughter! Imagine seeing an intimidating person wearing a black suit with an apron on top, how would you react to that?

Being feared as the “Immortal Dragon”, the protagonist, Tatsu, actually became a classic househusband – doing chores, errands, and even taking Instagrammable pictures. Pair him up with his former junior from the yakuza club, Masa, and his lovely wife, Miku, and you’ll finally see the beauty of this hilarious series!

Perfect Match of Voice Actors

The protagonist clearly has an intimidating personality, therefore, a fitting, serious voice actor is needed. Good thing is that the series actually got the perfect voice actor for the job! Having Kenjiro Tsuda voice Tatsu, Shizuka Itou voice Miku, and Kazuyuki Okitsu voice Masa, the show managed to make sure that the voice actors and their roles complemented each other perfectly!

Fun fact: Kenjiro Tsuda also voiced Overhaul from the “My Hero Academia” Series, Nanami Kento from “Jujutsu Kaisen”, and Joker from “Fire Force”!

The Gokushufudo Animation

Despite the fans saying things such as “the show looks like a PowerPoint presentation” the series is still worth to watch and you shouldn’t skip on it. It may be true, a good show needs a good animation, but what’s a good show without a thrilling and exciting story?

I’d say that the series made its own authentic style of animating and I totally love it. Personally, I’d like to call it, the “Gokushufudo animation” as I’ve barely seen this kind of animation in any of the shows that exist. In short, the anime adaptation of “Gokushufudo” was still able to achieve its purpose – providing a priceless anime adaptation of a comedy manga series.

Overall, the series gave us a weird and somehow new feeling at first. But nonetheless, you’ll get used to Gokushufudo’s style of animation and then you’ll realize you’re already laughing loudly. I’d recommend watching this 5 episode series as it surely will be worth your time!

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