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Wonder Egg Priority Episode 5: Neiru is Getting More Development

This week, Wonder Egg Priority Episode 5 shows us our main heroines spending time together. We can see them hanging out at Ai’s home and playing games together as they build a stronger bond. The fight scenes in this episode focus more on Neiru rather than on the other girls. If you didn’t watch the episode yet, beware, you’ll find spoilers below.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 5 finally shows us what type of weapon does Neiru use. Her circular transforms into short or long-range projectile weapons. Just like in previous episodes, fights looked stunning and I just can’t get enough of how good the series looks. After the short fight scene, the series presents us with a scene, where all girls visit Ai at her home. Her mother is very happy to see that her daughter has so many friends. They go to Ai’s room and they discuss a lot of things there, building a deeper bond.

Even though we witness girls getting along and enjoying themselves, not everything is as well as it seems. Rika seems to be tired of fighting as she says that they shouldn’t risk their lives out of someone’s selfishness. Girls they are trying to save committed suicide on their own so why should the girls fight? After that, we learn Neiru’s reason for fighting. Then we get to see the rest of Neiru’s second fight in the episode.

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