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Wonder Egg Priority Episode 4: Ohto Ai Makes a New Friend

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It’s been a month since Wonder Egg Priority started airing and each episode leaves me bewildered. This time the show introduces a new character, Sawaki Momoe. She has a boyish look but Ai instantly says she is a girl that looks like a model. Thanks to that our main cast grow and now we have 4 main heroines! Episode 4 of Wonder Egg Priority premiered on February 2, 2021.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 4 Screenshot via Funimation stream

Episode 4 starts with a brief introduction of Sawaki Momoe, another girl that is buying eggs in order to save her friend. After we see a girl she needs to save, the show cuts into the fight that ended on a cliffhanger last week. Ohto Ai is trying to save two Yu Yu fans on her own due to the events we witnessed in Episode 3.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 4 screenshot via Funimation stream

We also get to see all girls as they talk and laugh together. This episode in general was way calmer than the previous ones. Of course, we had some fight scenes in the first part, but after those, we were able to witness the girls having fun with each other. It’s really great to see that the characters are so different, yet they understand one another.

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 4 Screenshot via Funimation stream

Once again the show delivers in terms of animation and visuals. Character design is on point and fight scenes are mesmerizing. We can see that someone put an enormous effort to make sure that the soundtrack, visuals, and animation fit together like a glove!

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Screenshots via Funimation Wonder Egg Priority Episode 4 stream
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