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The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten Anime Review: Romance in Its Purest Form

The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten anime recently concluded after many well-received episodes and was even crowned as Anime Corner’s Best Anime of Winter 2023. This anime had a simple storytelling method that made following the story easy, but it somehow managed to deliver those highly anticipated moments with great success. Albeit not perfect, the Angel Next Door was a romantic title to remember, and here is why.

Sweet Moments To Die For in the Anime

Let’s be honest: the Angel Next Door gave us what most romance titles could not without the extra fluff of love triangles and other drama-including conflicts, something other competitors during the Winter 2023 anime season failed at. The slow (but not too slow) burn love story was filled with innocence, care, and genuine affection that can warm even the coldest of hearts.

There were certainly a lot of moments that made me want to say “Gosh, please get married already!” Amane carrying an injured Mahiru in the second episode, Amane taking care of a sick Mahiru in episode 4, the emotional hug in the seventh episode, the New Year’s shrine visit…and I could go on and on. The main plot came down to the waiting game of “when will they finally make their move” style.

For me, the direction that Angel Next Door‘s storytelling went through was brilliant, as it showered us viewers with minuscule yet significant sweet moments between Amane and Mahiru, which were then followed by dialogues that continued to build the mutual relationship between the two, and then almost every episode ended with a bit of a cliffhanger to entice viewers to keep an eye for the next.

A Natural and Mutual Understanding

Amane and Mahiru had a quiet, mutual understanding ever since they met for the first time. Watching their friendship naturally grow into something more and then watching them become a couple was satisfying.

Interestingly, one can easily spot why the relationship in Angel Next Door worked out so well. And for me, it had to do with what they kept to themselves for the longest time as a secret. For Mahiru, it was opening up that her parents never really cared for her as a child, despite her efforts to excel in everything. For Amane, it was opening up about the bullying he experienced in his past high school and the fear of being betrayed by friends. In other words, both needed each other not just in a romantic way but also to allow them to move forward from these pains.

For instance, Mahiru told Amane in episode 7 how she didn’t like springtime, as it reminded her of going to graduation alone. And now, with Amane at her side, she now slowly understands its beauty alongside the person she truly treasures. Then, in episode 12, when Amane was about to ask Mahiru to become his girlfriend, he admits that he wants to move on from being afraid and work his way to becoming worthy of Mahiru’s girlfriend. Such moments like this really make me appreciate the overall romance in Angel Next Door, and how it proves that simpler ulterior motives are enough to give viewers a dose of the sweetness they need (and possibly crave) in their lives.

So, What Went Wrong?

Despite the high praise and adoration fans give Angel Next Door, it is not without flaws. To start, fans of the original light novel source material have noted the huge amount of chapters being skipped. While it is understandable that the anime adaptation may have skipped so-called ‘fluff’ chapters, there was additional context being missed out in the series.

A great example of this in Angel Next Door anime were the events leading to the sports festival in the final episode, when Mahiru confessed through a game that Amane was a person very dear to him. In the light novel, a lot has happened before the festival, including more details on both of the duo’s personal struggles and how each of them had personal conflicts as to how they should label themselves to the public. Again, the effort in the anime adaptation was there, I just wish there were more details being fleshed out to truly know a deeper context for the two. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see these in anime format in the future – in a new project similar to what Horimiya is doing.

In summary, my review verdict for The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten is that this was a comforting and sweet romantic title from Winter 2023. As there is no announcement for any potential second season, the anime adaptation can probably reel in fans to the story of the light novel. All things considered, reading the novels might not be a bad starting point, especially if yu want to get to know more about those missing moments from the anime.

Project No.9 animated the adaptation of The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten anime that Crunchyroll is streaming outside of Japan. The streaming platform describes the plot as:
To thank him for his kind gesture, Mahiru cooks and cleans for her untidy neighbor Amane. But what was just a generous show of gratitude turns into more as they grow closer. This is the story of a sweet romance between a boy and the girl next door.

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