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The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 15 – In Exchange For a Wish

The Case Study of Vanitas episode 15 is out and we finally meet Chloé d’Apchier, the mysterious vampire who lives in the castle of Gévaudan. It’s awesome how her backstory actually puts a lot of pieces of the story together. And when a light beam shoots up into the sky? Well, we all know that’s a sign that things are about to happen real quick. Chloé is at the center of this all, and it’s only a matter of time until the vampires, chasseurs, and the others join in.

You know, last week’s episode was so much fun to watch and I was super fascinated with Vanitas and Jeanne’s reverse roles. It was a lot of bubbly and spicy energy, that’s why this week’s episode makes it all the more interesting to watch. Right away, it’s an intense scene and we are reminded of the despair Naenia causes. When Noé shouts, “Stop stealing their true names….Give back Louis to Domi and me!“, my heart just sank.

But then Chloé slaps Noé for disrespecting the food. To be honest, I was so affected by Naenia that this timing made me laugh! I mean, Chloé is so elegant, soft, pure, but at the same time, ice-cold. Meanwhile, Noé and Jean-Jacques are a bunch of wholesome dorks. Murr also gets a ton of shots so that one really makes me happy.

I absolutely loved how The Case Study of Vanitas episode 15 was delivered. It felt so calm yet deeply melancholic. The aesthetic, the art, music, pacing — all of it captured the story of Chloé ‘s sadness inside the castle. It’s like the world went on without her, and she was forgotten. I’m glad that she had Ruthven’s friendship (who was much more cheery before) and Jeanne’s precious company.

The episode also reminded us that the World Formula research is a major game-changer. It’s no wonder Ruthven lost all reasoning for it and forced Chloé to give it to him. Unfortunately for him, Chloé is the far superior vampire — she’s so powerful that Ruthven couldn’t make her swear, just like how Naenia couldn’t instantly corrupt her true name. Chloé is amazing, but she’s also so painfully lonely. That’s why fast forward to the present, she’s exchanging her name for a wish.

What could her wish be? Is it really worth it to tamper with the World Formula? Is she really the Beast? There’s still so much we don’t know! Whatever it is, it’s surely gonna be trouble. In the end, The Case Study of Vanitas episode 15 acts as the prelude for the climax of this story arc. It’s a lot to be excited about because everybody will surely face each other at the castle! Also, the separate involvements of Ruthven, Machina, and the Charlatan show that it might be deeper than we know of …

The next episode will release on FridayFebruary 4, at 24:00 JST. The English subtitled versions will also be available later on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Bilibili in select regions. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to vote for it on our weekly polls!

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