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The Novel Illustrator Gogecha Has Passed Away

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If you’ve been watching Hatsune Miku music videos you may also be familiar with the illustrator Gogecha. Unfortunately however, the family of the illustrator has revealed on his Twitter account that the young man passed away in June 2020.

The family’s official statement

The family has stated that he passed away after a sudden accident at his workplace, as well as that the police decided that the incident was not a criminal one in nature.

His amazing arts

If you don’t know who he is, he illustrated several novels and novel series, including 1000-kai Omō Haru ga Kuru, and Kotarō Ryūno’s Million Crown. Furthermore, he also drew the cover illustration for the 11th volume of the Fate/Grand Order Dengeki Comic Anthology work. In addition, he illustrated the music video for the “Ghost City Tokyo” song by Ayase featuring Hatsune Miku.

You can also watch the music video here

His cover illustrations

You can check more of his other amazing illustrations on his official Twitter account.

We would like to give our condolences to the family of Gogecha and may he Rest in Peace. His talent will always be amazing.

Source: Hachima Kiko Japan
All images and arts used are property of Gogecha.

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