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To Your Eternity Episode 17 — A Villain's Rise to Power

“To Your Eternity” episode 17 is out! Fushi loses the tournament and the victor is the crazy woman Hayase from Yanome. What will become of Jananda now? Honestly, I am not so happy with this week’s episode. First off, we have Hayase winning the tournament and suddenly worshipping Fushi. Second, the art in this episode is… unusual. (It’s probably one of those rushed episodes?) Lastly, what is going on!? The episode is titled, “The Defeated.”

“To Your Eternity” episode 17 begins with Hayase telling the people of Jananda about how she “found and took care” of Fushi. Hayase asks that they help her protect this immortal boy and to fight alongside him. According to her, Fushi has the ability to change fate.

What’s more, she even hands the ruler title over to Tonari, which causes a lot of chaos. What is going on?! I am so stressed by the fact that I don’t understand what is happening. Whatever Hayase’s plan is, it’s very confusing. What is her goal in all this?

Hayase obviously wants Fushi. I didn’t expect though that she’d be so obsessed in a sexual way! What in the heck? I thought the licking would be the furthest it’ll go but Hayase attempted some more! This is so creepy and wrong.

The stress has been building up for the Jananda Arc. It was quite comforting to suddenly see Fushi’s loved ones in his own dream. There’s the old Booze Man, Shin, and Rean. Fushi freely talks about his worries with them. His character development, as well as intellectually and morally, is really amazing. It’s both wholesome and sad at the same time.

Outside, Tonari and her friends attempt to rescue the immortal but instead get cornered by Hayase. (Slow claps for these kids.) Meanwhile, Fushi wakes up, does the old bait-and-switch and escapes.

The next part is probably my favorite moment in “To Your Eternity” episode 17 when Fushi holds a blade to Hayase’s throat. It’s so cool to see an assertive Fushi as he threatens to kill Hayase. The scene ends with a negotiation. In exchange of Tonari and Pioran’s freedom, Fushi agrees to stay in the island with Hayase. Honestly, this shot of Fushi has become one of my favorites. I don’t know if its the sword, but the art gives me a Rurouni Kenshin vibe!

Afterwards, Hayase puts Fushi in an underground sanctuary. This crazy woman’s motivations are really unclear. Is she genuinely going to “worship” Fushi or is she going to control him? I am so stressed.

Tonari and her friends, including Pioran and the rest of the children in Jananda, leave Jananda via boat. It’s an emotional scene when Tonari, the island leader, says that “children deserve the chance to choose their own fates.” This makes Tonari’s decision all the more meaningful when she decides to return to Jananda to save Fushi. She wants to “write” her own story, and she wants Fushi to be in it. It’s actually really brave and courageous, so cheers to that!

Were you disappointed this week? Despite the episode being more underwhelming than the previous ones, I like to think that the story (and studio) is just preparing for an awesome last three episodes. I honestly don’t really mind. Anyway, the soundtrack is as pretty and wonderful as always.

The climax of the Jananda arc will be happening next week! I’m really excited to see how it’ll turn out. But then again, we should probably brace ourselves for any heartaching moments coming soon. The journey continues!

To Your Eternity Episode 18 Release Date

“To Your Eternity” episode 18 is titled To Continue On” and will air on Monday, August 16 at 10:50 PM (JST). It will be available to watch on Crunchyroll in select regions. In addition, it is also available to watch for free on Ani-One Asia YouTube Channel.

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To Your Eternity” is an anime adaptation of the manga series written by Yoshitoki Ōima. It follows the story of a mysterious orb sent to Earth. It has no identity nor emotions, but through time it learns to take different forms. One day, it acquires the form of a boy and gains consciousness. The boy, Fushi, sets off to travel in search of new experiences, places, and people. “The journey begins.”

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