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To Your Eternity Episode 18 - Is it Better to Smile?

“To Your Eternity” episode 18 is out! Tonari returns to Jananda to save Fushi from Hayase. It was a fun bit to see that the immortal had already escaped on his own though, so “A for Effort” for Tonari! However, the Knockers come back to terrorize not just Fushi, but the whole prison island. The episode is titled, “To Continue On.” Warning: Heavy spoilers below!

While waiting for the heavy storm to pass, Fushi and Tonari share a sweer heart-to-heart moment. It’s also nice to see how Fushi’s maturity has grown. Plus, we see more depth to Tonari’s character. However, disaster befalls Jananda — the Knockers take over the corpses!? It personally felt visually lacking but nevertheless disturbing and terrifying with all the undead!

Fushi and Tonari are reunited with the whole gang. The happy and hopeful reunion is short-lived because well, the Knockers take over the small and very much alive Oopa. Everyone is devastated and desperate, especially Fushi who can’t do anything to save Mia… or even kill Oopa.

I honestly feel so sad that Fushi had this awesome character development of self-sacrifice last week, only for his friends to come back and die a regrettable, meaningless death. At least as compared to Oopa and Mia, Uroy had the chance to have a noble end by bringing Fushi, Tonari, and Sandel to safety. It’s all very heartbreaking because none of them wanted to die.

Even though they were minor side characters, I feel like Uroy’s final moments were the most heartwrenching. Hands down, it delivered the strongest killer blow at me with his “paradise dreams.” Plus, again with that soundtrack and the fade to the ending song.

Needless to say, “To Your Eternity” episode 18 is another heartwrenching and frustrating episode. (Flips imaginary tables.) I say frustrating because although their deaths are not as impactful as Gugu’s, it is probably more complex in ways to accept. Again, Fushi becomes the reason for all this tragedy. Why is this anime so difficult and painful to watch!?

I think that the title “To Continue On” depicts perfectly how Fushi’s journey must endure. Human nature will always be an unpredictable puzzle. Our immortal orb has to accept that bad things can happen and we have no power over them. It’s a heavy burden, but that’s how life is.

With only two episodes left, it’s scary to think how this show could end. Since the beginning, the show delivers powerful emotions and storytelling. At this point, however, I feel somewhat disheartened by the recent episodes and I can’t exactly explain why. I’m hoping for a bit more “oomph” for the season finale. Just like how good the episodes with the Nameless Boy and Gugu were.

Anyway, the journey continues. I once again grieve for these fictional people, but I’m cheering on for Fushi!

To Your Eternity Episode 19 Release Date

“To Your Eternity” episode 19 is titled Wandering Rage” and will air on Monday, August 16 at 10:50 PM (JST). It will be available to watch on Crunchyroll in select regions. In addition, it is also available to watch for free on Ani-One Asia YouTube Channel.

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To Your Eternity” is an anime adaptation of the manga series written by Yoshitoki Ōima. It follows the story of a mysterious orb sent to Earth. It has no identity nor emotions, but through time it learns to take different forms. One day, it acquires the form of a boy and gains consciousness. The boy, Fushi, sets off to travel in search of new experiences, places, and people. “The journey begins.”

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