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Toho to Acquire Animation Studio Science Saru

Japanese entertainment company Toho will be acquiring the Science Saru animation studio. Through this move, Toho will be acquiring all of Science Saru’s shares, making the studio one of its subsidiaries.

According to the recently published investor relations disclosure, the consolidation of Science Saru as Toho’s subsidiary will officially be completed by the second quarter of the fiscal year (summer), which ends on February 28, 2025. Toho has stated that it will be working closely with the animation studio to improve its production environment and provide more creative opportunities for its employees. The two will collaborate further in creating higher-quality work that will cater to both Japanese and global audiences.

Science Saru was founded by Eunyoung Choi and Masaaki Yuasa in 2013. Their titles include Ping Pong The Animation (2014), Space Dandy (2014), Devilman Crybaby (2018), Japan Sinks: 2020 (2020), Yurei Deco (2022), and Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (2023). The studio is also animating the upcoming Dandadan TV anime adaptation and the upcoming Kimi no Iro (The Colors Within) original anime film alongside director Naoko Yamada. The studio is known for Lu Over the Wall (2017), Ride Your Wave (2019), and Inu-Oh (2021) movies.

Toho is one of Japan’s largest producers and distributor of films. The company has distributed movies by Studio Ghibli, CoMix Wave Films, TMS Entertainment, and OLM and its biggest brand is the Godzilla franchise.

Source: Toho’s Financial Disclosure
Background: Lu Over The Wall (© 2017 LU FILM PARTNERS)

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