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Tokyo Revengers Episode 3: Mikey-kun is Here

Tokyo Revengers episode 3 is out, and we’ve already met the leaders of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Manjiro (Mikey-kun) Mano and Ryuguji (Draken) Ken! The episode started with Takemichi getting beaten by Kiyomasa, and there was no chance of him actually winning. However, he was determined not to give up until he was literally killed, and it was getting close to it. We see Akkun think about getting involved with a knife, but he gives up on it. Just as Kiyomasa asks for his bat to finish off Takemichi, the reason episode 3 of Tokyo Revengers will rank up this week appeared: Mikey-kun.

We saw that Mikey-kun ignores people he doesn’t care about and has huge respect from the gang members. He makes quick work of the bully and notes that betting on those fights is boring. The vice-commander Draken also appeared, and his voice is instantly recognizable (Tatsuhisa Suzuki). Both of them seem badass, and actually show up at school to find Takemichi the next day. Draken beats a bunch of 3rd years and has them line up as a carpet, and then they head out. However, Hinata shows up wanting to protect her boyfriend, going as far as slapping Mikey.

The situation is used to showcase Hinata’s determination to protect Takemichi even though she was scared, as well as Takemichi’s own determination when to protect her from Draken who seemed pretty mad. It seemed like Mikey-kun was about to murder him after that, but we got a “JK” and he proved to be a good boy at heart. Draken also complimented him for his attitude, saying not many guys are like him despite there being plenty of good fighters. The situation was resolved and the 3 went out together, and we learned that Mikey wants to build a new era for delinquents.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 3 is available on Crunchyroll. The best boy was obviously somehow affected by the other guy Kisaki Tetta in the future, and Takemichi saw him at the end but somehow didn’t recognize him. The story is getting more serious, and it’ll be interesting to see how Takemitchy acts now that he’s become friends with the top 2! Also can’t wait to see more of Mikey-kun and him showing off his fighting skills.

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