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Tokyo Revengers Episode 5: Ready to Fight Moebius

Tokyo Revengers released episode 5 this Saturday, and this show is getting way more serious! It started with Takemichi getting fired due to being absent during his time travel, which once again reminded us that time flows normally wherever he is. After a quick discussion with Naoto, they decided that him telling Hinata about the future is risky, and he had to focus on saving Draken instead. He went back, but got surprised with the event happening in the past. With a girl he didn’t know over him, he used the first chance to do what the typical shonen protagonist would do.

Tokyo Revengers episode 5 – Takemichi runs

And of course, Hinata met him on there and decided to tag along when Draken told him to go the Musashi shrine to meet up. The gang came on their bikes, and it already felt like things were getting real. Some random members started threatening Takemichi, though he got saved on time. We saw that the girl that was with Takemichi actually cares for Draken, and was just trying to make him jealous. Without time to explain, Hinata beat him and we then got to the serious part. The rival gang who controls Shinjuku, Moebius, killed a friend of their member and his parents, as well as abused his girlfriend. Mikey asked Pah-chin what he wanted to do, after which he announced they’d be going to war.

Tokyo Revengers episode 5 – Time for war

This scene really showcased Mikey’s authority and respect he has in the gang. It’s a given seeing how serious he sounds as the leader of Toman’s gang. Then again, his other side is amusing as well. After Takemichi decided to be Draken’s bodyguard and got rejected, he decided to follow him anyway. We saw the 2 leaders on a casual day, and how childish Mikey can be. The two went out to eat, and Mikey was pouting for not having a flag. However, Draken seems to be ready and has a flag ready, which makes his captain happy.

Tokyo Revengers episode 5 – Happy Mikey

After that he carries him to the hospital. They stand in front of the room where the girl that was abused is. Just then, her parents come, with the father yelling and blaming the two for what happened. Draken bows, though Mikey had stuff to say despite getting forced to bow too. The dad broke into tears, as well as the mother, as Draken explained to Mikey that every member of theirs has people precious to them. He seems to be far more mature, and it was easy for both the viewers and Takemichi to see why Mikey would change after his death. Him being “Mikey’s heard” sounds accurate!

You can watch Episode 5 of Tokyo Revengers on Crunchyroll. You can also vote for it on our weekly poll, where it ranked 5th last week.

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