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Tokyo Revengers: Manga After Anime - Where to Continue

The Tokyo Revengers anime ended its season 1 today and, with no season 2 announced after the last episode, it might be time to start the manga instead. Tokyo Revengers episode 24 adapted the 73rd chapter of the manga. It was titled the same as the episode, “A Cry Baby”. This means that you can continue the story after what happened in the anime starting with chapter 74, which is also part of Volume 9 of the manga.

Tokyo Revengers Volume 9 Manga Cover
ⒸKen Wakui, Kodansha

The manga series by Ken Wakui currently has 222 chapters released in Japan. The story in chapter 73 ends the same way as anime. Kisaki tearfully tells Takemichi his bye with “My hero” while keeping a gun on his head.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers Manga

Kodansha USA publishes the manga digitally in English. There are 22 volumes released (197 chapters) as of September 14, 2021. You can buy the Tokyo Revengers manga on their website, and start with volume 9 if you want to continue after the anime. In addition, they describe the story for the volume:

The big battle between Toman and Valhalla ends in Toman’s victory. When Takemichi returns to the future… he’s one of Toman’s top brass! Some of them, unfamiliar to Takemichi, are former members of the Black Dragons, creating a divide among the admins. At that moment, Kisaki shows up. And what shocking truth will Naoto reveal?!

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

There was no news about a 2nd season after the show ended. Although the boost in popularity the franchise got is huge, so we’ll update this with any future announcement.

Crunchyroll streams the first season, which has a total of 24 episodes. Studio LIDENFILMS animated the show.

Source: Kodansha
Tokyo Revengers Twitter & Website
Ⓒ Ken Wakui, Kodansha / “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee

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