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Tokyo Revengers Manga Exceeds 25 Million Circulating Copies

The manga written and illustrated by Ken Wakui, Tokyo Revengers, is continuing to sell like crazy, and it already has over 25 million copies in circulation! What’s insane about this is that it had 20 million just at the beginning of this month. That means that in the month of June alone, it sold around 5 million manga copies! This was posted on the official Twitter account, noting how crazy it is:

A rough translation of the message:
Immediately after this news was released, I was informed that all the volumes had been reprinted again, and the total number of copies sold was roughly 25 million😱.
I’ve lost my senses to the point where I’m thinking, “Is 30 million copies coming soon? ❗️Thanks to all of you!

Thanks to everyone❗️
Thank you so much❗️✨✨!

As we know, the Tokyo Revengers manga has recently entered its final arc, and it’s outselling pretty much every other manga at the moment. Not even Jujutsu Kaisen is selling as much. Meanwhile, the anime is going strong as well. We’re about to get into the Bloody Halloween Arc, and there’s a trailer for it:

Who knows how far the Tokyo Revengers manga can go above the 25 million. It’s certain that many are looking forward to the big ending, and that the anime is yet to get into the real good part of the story! You can also check out the visual for the 2nd part of the anime:

Source: Official Twitter

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