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Tokyo Revengers Manga Sales Soaring Since Anime Started

“Tokyo Revengers” has become one of the more popular anime shows of Spring 2021, but the manga has actually been ongoing since March 2017. It’s written and illustrated by Wakui Ken. The time-traveling story already had a sizeable following, but ever since the anime, the manga started selling way more. According to the official Twitter, the Tokyo Revengers manga is now near 15 million circulating copies, which is a huge increase in sales since the anime started. It notes how they were happy it was over 10 million only days ago, and celebrates the popularity.

Tweet from the official twitter on the Tokyo Revengers manga sales since anime

A rough translation:
Just now, they have made another reprinting of all volumes released to date! I couldn’t believe my eyes as the number of reprinted copies for each of the volumes was greater than any previous reprint… In fact, I’m starting to feel dizzy… I really appreciate all your support. Please continue to support Tokyo Revengers!

We did a rough estimate and this large reprint would bring the total number of copies in circulation to just under 15 million. Just a few days ago we were excited for the franchise to surpass 10 million copies. Just a few days ago!

On the other hand, Mantan Web wrote how the Tokyo Revengers manga sales have increased 6.4 times since the anime. That means that the franchise sells about 2.4 books per second, which is pretty amazing. Especially considering that the anime has only released 5 episodes so far, and it’s just getting to a more serious development in the story.

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Source: Official Twitter, Mantan Web
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