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TokyoTreat Review – Modern Japanese Snacks in a Box

Kit Kats are great, but Japanese Kit Kats? De-li-cious! There are some stores that you leave buying more than what you came for, and for me, the Japanese grocery stores are always one of them. I’m always in for an exciting adventure to figure out how a particular snack tastes while the other I take home for the cute packaging. It really sparks joy for me, but there’s also a different kind of bubbly happiness in receiving a pretty box directly from Japan. If you’re like me and are a fan of all of these, then TokyoTreat is for you.

When I learned that I would have the chance to try and review one of their boxes, I was very excited. You see, TokyoTreat is a subscription box of hand-picked crunchy chips, bakery goods, crazy-flavored candies, and exciting anime-themed goodies. It began in 2015 when Ayumi Chikamoto made a mystery box she thought her friends overseas would enjoy, like the unique flavors and textures that represent Japanese culture. That said, the box wholeheartedly offers a bite of modern life in Japan to anyone living anywhere else in the world.

The Review – Trying TokyoTreat for the First Time

In my snug and orange TokyoTreat Box, I found 13 pieces of assorted snacks, a pack of Shoyu Ramen, and a can of Melon Cream Soda. The unboxing part was most enjoyable because I didn’t know what kind of food to expect. I was also pleased that it came with a booklet culture guide explaining the month’s theme, snacks, history, and possible allergens.

TokyoTreat’s theme for June 2024 is “Tokyo Snackation” so the box was filled up with every bit of traditional and trendy piece from the city. Incidentally, my first visit to Japan was Tokyo so this actually turned out to be a very heartwarming way to fill my yearning to return. I saw for myself how Tokyo truly was a melting pot of manga, anime, games, tech, fashion, and food, so now I wonder, “How exactly does TokyoTreat plan this snack tour?” The booklet’s answer was simple: a highlight from famous spots in the city.

Doing my TokyoTreat review with my Kirby plush!

At first glance, you can notice that the box is full of variety. My eyes were drawn right away to the Pokemon Marshmallow (I got Eevee!), followed by the Hello Kitty Candy Mints and Neko Banana Dorayaki. The fluffy ganache, the banana filling, and the kiwi candy — as a girl who snacks too much and loves kawaii things, these sweets instantly won me over. Understandably, the Milktea-flavored Kit Kats were soft from the heat of the travel so I had to put them in the fridge first. The wait was worth it though because I enjoyed how fragrant and sweet the bite-sized bars were. That’s one Kit Kat flavor off my list!

The next one I had was the Mini Gummies, which seemed pretty normal until I read that it had cola and Ramune soda flavors. It was a nostalgic Ratatouille flashback moment for me because it reminded me of a Japanese uncle, Sasaki-san, who would often happily give me those codd-neck bottle drinks whenever I visited his restaurant. That, and the Dagashi Kashi anime.

Meanwhile, the Choco Chip Cookies and the Castella donuts were scrumptious snacks that melted in my mouth. They gave me an existential crisis because if this is how a plain dessert tastes like, what more all the other complicated pastries? I’ve seen the reels and the vlogs – Japanese bakeries are on another level.

Other than unique sweets, the TokyoTreat box also offered interesting textures. The Jumbo DIY Sauce Senbei was the thinnest rice cake that I’ve ever nibbled on and it even came with its own BBQ sauce, which I found quite fun as a small snack. Then there’s also the Mitarashi Kibidango, a chewy mochi snack with edible paper (I love and appreciate that paper very much haha!). The Chee-zak cracker is simply a cheese snack, but as much as I love my cheese puff junk foods, they could never compare. The cheese snack from Japan is hands down, very elegant.

Moving on, the Melon Cream Soda and Shoyu ramen were a highlight of my snack box experience. The cream soda was a perfect blend of vanilla sweetness and fruity fragrance. To be honest, I wish I had vanilla ice cream to make it into a cream soda float — perfect for the summer heat! Meanwhile, the Shoyu ramen was… well, a heartwarming meal. It was simply soup and noodles, yet, the broth tasted so rich (not at all instant-like tasting) and in the words of my older brother who was feeling under the weather at the time, it “heals the soul.” It was convenient, easy to make, and truly a bite into Japan.

TokyoTreat Review – The box had 15 snacks with their own unique stories with Tokyo City

Overall, my favorites in this box are the Pai no Mini Pies Peach Tarts, Monjakayaki Squid Chips, and the Koikeya Ume Chips. The flavors were delightfully bursting with every bite that I had! The peach tarts were so soft and fluffy, the squid chips were savory (and deliciously stinky, I mean if you know, you know!), while the ume or pickled sour plum was just hands-down, tickling my tongue with its tangy goodness. I love chips but this sour plum was so cute and surprising, so much so that it made me happy-cry!

So far, I haven’t had any problems with any of the snacks, and my TokyoTreat review experience has been very nice. It’s also helpful that the booklet gives ingredient information for those with allergies (Most of the treats had eggs, so I thought about how our Managing Editor Tamara wouldn’t be able to have them. Don’t worry, I’ll enjoy them all for you!).

One thing I do have mixed feelings about in this TokyoTreat box review is its price. The box comes at around 37 USD (about PHP 2,000 for me) so it’s not exactly budget-friendly, not to mention the shipping fee too. I can also imagine finding these treats myself in local Japanese stores or online. However, these are fifteen curated treats we are talking about, each specially picked for your modern Japanese food experience, and then neatly packed for you to unbox in the comfort of your home. Every month is different, so you know that you are always in for a surprise. All in all, it’s the convenience and experience that you will be paying for. Personally, I do feel like the price is great considering the value and quantity of snacks (about 2 USD for each snack).

The delivery from Japan to the Philippines was only three days, so I’m really happy about that part too. If you’re curious about their subscription rates, here are the monthly plans (shipping fee not included):

  • Monthly plan for 37.50 USD
  • 3-month plan for 35.50 USD/month
  • 6-month plan for 33.50 USD/month
  • 12-month plan for 32.50 USD/month

Final Thoughts – Is TokyoTreat Worth it?

TokyoTreat is something that a fan of Japanese pop culture, food, and sweets, and an adventurer at heart would definitely enjoy. If you have the funds for it and you’re not a picky eater, then yes, I think TokyoTreat is worth it.

Although the snacks inside won’t be enough to wholly satisfy a group of family and friends, it’s most likely enough for a fun discovery and unboxing moment altogether. For example, I’m already on the lookout for my favorite Sour Plum snack, while my Mom also asked me to find the Squid Crackers too. My brother wanted something sweet so I gave him the gummies, and the yummy soda flavor was easily a topic of our conversation.

To review everything, I think Japanese snacks are amazing and the variety of TokyoTreat is the kind of flavorful bunch that you want to take time to enjoy and appreciate. It’s a fun and modern way to get one interested in Japanese food, too. It keeps the spirit of traveling alive, so this was without a doubt, an experience that cheered me up.

You see, a treat is something pleasurable, out of the ordinary, and usually not in your daily life. As a Filipino, myself, a special part of my life is the joy of having merienda (the light afternoon snack between meals) and opening a balikbayan box (a package sent by family overseas). That is the vibe that I got from TokyoTreat, which is why I believe these Japanese boxes are wonderful gifts indeed.

For more information, make sure to visit TokyoTreats’ official website, Facebook, and Instagram. If you’re also more interested in having a bite of Japan’s traditional snacks and afternoon tea culture instead, then you should check out their sister company, Sakuraco. Special thanks to the friendly people at TokyoTreat!

Disclaimer: Anime Corner was given a free TokyoTreat box in exchange for a review.

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