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Umamusme Pretty Derby Gets English Release

Western Umamusume fans rejoice! What seemed to have long entered the realm of impossibility is galloping toward reality as Umamusme: Pretty Derby gets its English release! The long-awaited horsegirl iOS/Android training game finally spreads beyond its current Asian game range. In commemoration of the upcoming English release of the game, Cygames (the company responsible for Umamusume) debuted an English website and YouTube channel for the game. Though, at this time, only the game trailer is available on the YouTube channel. But Anime Expo attendees can visit the Cygames booth (#3306 – exhibit hall) and try out the game’s English demo.

Umamusume: Pretty Derby Promotional Video

The free-to-play iOS/Android game was announced for a 2018 release but was delayed until February 24, 2021, so its production value could be raised. And judging by video uploads of gameplay, that was a decision that paid off.

Featuring Umamusumes (horse girls) who long for nothing more than to be #1 in the Twinkle Series races. Umamusume Pretty Derby is a managerial training game in which the play assumes the role of the trainer and helps the Umas make their debut and guides them through their races. For now, no official release date has been stated.

Umamusme: Pretty Derby is a multimedia powerhouse, with three anime seasons, the first of which was animated by P.A. Works and centers on Special Week and Silence Suzuka, which aired in 2018. Seasons 2 and 3 were animated by Studio Kai and centered on Mejiro McQueen/Tokai Teio, Kitasan Black, and Satano Diamond, respectively. The franchise also has a manga (Umayon), two web animes (Umayuru and Umamusume Pretty Derby: Road to the Top), several shorts and specials, and a recently screened movie, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby – Beginning of a New Era.

Umamusume Season 3 Trailer

The franchise also has an upcoming console game (PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Steam) set for August, Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Nekketsu Hachamecha Dai Kansha-sai!! All seasons of Umamusume, and one of the web animes, can be streamed on Crunchyroll. The web anime Umamusume Pretty Derby: Road to the Top can be streamed on the official YouTube channel.

Source: Official Umamusme ENG X, Offical Umamusume Site
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