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Date a Live V Reveals Preview and Sand Art Video for the Season Finale

Date a Live V has released the preview images and a Sand Art video for its season finale (Episode 12). The season will end on June 26, 2024, and the final battle continues with DEM and Mio Takamiya. You can check out the preview images below:

You can also watch the Sand Art Trailer by Watt below:

Date a Live V Sand Art Trailer for Season Finale

The video portrays the ending sequence and song (“Hitohira” by sweet ARMS) of the series that was made into Sand Art. Date a Live V premiered on April 10, 2024, and it currently has 11 episodes available. The season began with the war against the DEM, and even after 11 episodes, the series is still on the first day of the battle. Jun Nakagawa is directing the anime at studio GEEKTOYS. The series is available on Crunchyroll and Muse Asia, and describes the plot as:

Spirits have the appearance of human girls, but they are different from humans.
They are even called the nemeses of mankind because of their powerful ability to cause disasters dubbed “”spatial quakes”” when they emerge from another dimension.
The only means that mankind has of dealing with the threat of these Spirits is to exterminate them by military force, or…
Date them and make them succumb to the power of love!
Shido Itsuka has the ability to seal the power of a Spirit by making her fall for him and kissing her.
He has been saving mankind and Spirits with his power, but a great upheaval is about to happen to him.
DEM Industry, one of the world’s largest corporations specializing in Realizer, is after the power of the Spirits and attacks with all its might to take away Shido’s life.
Then, a mysterious girl from the depths of Shido’s memory reveals herself.
The biggest battle in the history, with so many agendas intertwined, shall begin.

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Fujimi Shobo serialized Koshi Tachibana’s Date a Live series, with Tsunako’s illustrations from 2011 to 2020, and it had a total of 22 volumes in circulation. Yen Press is publishing the original light novel in English, with volume 12 being the latest. The English version of volume 13 will be released on November 19, 2024.

Source: Official Website
© Koshi Tachibana, Tsunako / KADOKAWA / “Date A Live V” Production Committee

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