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Tonikaku Kawaii Getting More Daring Than Ever

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On December 18, 2020, the first Season of the Anime Adaptation of Kenjiro Hata’s Tonikaku Kawaii (TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You) aired its finale. All episodes from the day of its premiere last October 2, 2020 were loved by fans. The wholesome scenes provided romantic excitement to the watchers that let them relieve some stress, especially when there was a kissing scene or any intimate clip. With that, some viewers are looking forward to the anticipation of having more mature and intimate scene in future episodes. However, the season already reached its end, not knowing if there’s a second season or not. That said, the final episode seems more mature than all of the previous episodes because of this certain scene:

Nasa is being Aggressive

Image of Nasa being sweet, yet aggressive

The first part of Episode 12 of TONAKAWA circulates on Nasa having a fever and Tsukasa taking care of him. He got his fever after pulling an all-nighter at his work. Tsukasa lets Nasa sleep to recover from his illness. When Nasa wakes up, its already 8 o’clock on the evening. Then, Tsukasa told him that she is not worrying about him. When bed time arrives, Tsukasa hugged her husband. She told him that she was lying when she said that she wasn’t worried about him. They talked for a bit and ended up being sweet to each other. Then, they kissed each other for sure, the fans were anticipating this. However, after a couple seconds, it gets more daring than ever. Nasa became very aggressive and started licking Tsukasa on her neck, which is what the fans were waiting for as it had never happened before.

Image of Tsukasa stopping Nasa for being Aggressive

In the ending of TONIKAWA episode 4, Nasa kisses Tsukasa, and this scenario frequently happened in the following episodes. They normally just smacked kisses on each other, which is why the fans were shocked and very excited when Nasa made a more daring move on Tsukasa. The viewers were full of anticipation that something was going to happen between the 2 of them that night, but Tsukasa stopped Nasa from licking her, telling him to sleep because he needs to. After that, they both sleep, leaving the fans with their anticipation.

There are no announcements yet if TONIKAWA will receive a season 2 for its anime adaptation. It probably makes sense if there’s no announcement yet because the manga is not yet finished. Right now, the manga has 14 volumes and no one knows when it will end, so we can expect more exciting things to happen before it reaches its end. Although it will be getting an all-new OVA!

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Screenshots  are from Crunchyroll.

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