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Tower of God Soundtrack Released!

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Today, October 16, 2020, marks the date when Kevin Penkin released the official soundtrack for the Tower of God on streaming platforms. If you forgot about Tower of God, it’s a 12 episodes long anime that aired in the Spring 2020 season. Kevin Penkin was mostly known for his work on beautiful soundtracks for Made in Abyss and Shield Hero. Tower of God was the third series for which Kevin composed the OST, and once again, he delivered.

The album was teased on Kevin’s youtube channel, where he uploaded four pieces from the Tower of God official soundtrack. You can listen to them below:

Irregular God – Kevin Penkin
Shinsu – Kevin Penkin / feeding|ear
25+Light – Kevin Penkin 
The Bubble in Wine Glass – Kevin Penkin

The description of all the videos stated that on October 16 the whole soundtrack will be released, and there it is!

You can also back the vinyl project until October 18 here!

Jakub Kejza

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