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Trailer For 2nd part of Fate/Grand Order Camelot Got Revealed

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On December 5, 2020, Fate/Grand Order: Camelot – Wandering; Agaterarm- premiered in Japanese cinemas. We all know that the newest entry in the Fate universe is a 2 part movie. Moreover, the 2nd part of Fate/Grand Order Camelot just received an official trailer over at Twitter! It will be a direct sequel to the first movie, following the Mash and Fujimaru on their adventures.

You can watch the Fate/Grand Order Camelot Part 2 trailer below:

What’s more, the movie will premiere in Spring 2021 in Japanese cinemas. Studio Production I.G will take care of the production.

The movie will be the second part of the adaptation of the “Sixth Singularity, The Sacred Round Table Realm Camelot Singularity of FGO”. Not only that, but the first part was produced by studio Signal.MD.

You can watch the previous trailer for the previous part of the movie here!

Source: Official Twitter account of Fate/Grand Order: The Sacred Round Table Realm Camelot


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