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Shuumatsu no Valkyrie Getting An Anime In 2021

According to the official Twitter, “Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Record of Ragnarok” will be getting an anime adaptation in 2021. The manga has been ongoing since November 25, 2017. It is written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui, with illustration by Ajichika. It follows 13 chosen human warriors as they fight one-on-one fights vs 13 gods to decide the fate of humanity. The victor is whoever reaches 7 wins first. There are currently 8 published volumes, with the 9th one releasing today (December 19). Animation by studio Graphinica.

The first trailer is also available on YouTube:

The first key visual is also available:

Some of humanity’s warriors are Lü Bu, Adam, Sasaki Kojirō (famous Japanese swordsman), Jack the Ripper, Raiden Tameemon (legendary Japanese sumo wrestler) . On the other side, we have Thor, Zeus, Odin, Heracles, Shiva (the Hindu god of creation and destruction), etc.

[The revealed cast includes:
– Miyuki Sawashiro as Brunhild
– Tomoyo Kurosawa as Geir
– Tomokazu Seki as Lu Bu
– Hikaru Midorikawa as Thor
– Wataru Takagi as Zeus]

The full synopsis goes:

The story begins when the gods call a convention to decide whether to let humanity live or die, and settle on destroying humanity. But a lone valkyrie puts forward a suggestion to let the gods and humanity fight one last battle, as a last hope for humanity’s continued survival. 13 gods will fight against 13 human champions in one-on-one battles to decide whether humanity lives or dies.

It sounds like an interesting manga! Hopefully the Shuumatsu no Valkyrie anime can deliver a satisfying adaptation as well!

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Source: Official Twitter & YouTube
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