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Trapped in a Dating Sim Episode 11 - Olivia Finally Comes to Terms With Her Feelings

Olivia finally expressed her feelings towards Angelica and Leon in episode 11 of Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome is Tough for Mobs anime. Looking back on the past episodes, Angelica, Leon, and Olivia were not on good terms. Leon believes that he must distance himself from Angelica, the daughter of the duke, and Olivia because he is only a mob character. As for Olivia, she keeps being pessimistic and thinks that Leon and Angelica treat her like a pet. In Angelica’s case, she got angry with Leon because he purposedly hurt Olivia just to distance himself, and she also doesn’t know if she has the right to talk to Olivia because of what’s happening around them. Fortunately, the awkwardness broke because the Principality of Fanoss suddenly tried to invade the Holfort Kingdom and took Angelica as a hostage.

Olivia, asking Leon to save Angelica

Of course, Leon successfully rescued Angelica and took the princess of the Principality, Hertrude as his hostage. They came back to Holfort Academy’s ship and found out that Olivia couldn’t move anymore because she used too much magic power to protect their ship. It seems that she wants to be useful, and at last, she finally told Angelica that she feels like she was always holding her and Leon back. Well, since she thought that those 2 treated her like a pet, she wanted their acknowledgment so that she could confidently say that she is their friend. For Olivia, Angelica and Leon were the first friends she ever had in her entire life. The battle is getting pretty messy, and because of this, Angelica almost fell off the ship. Olivia succeeded in saving her but in exchange, she was the one who fell.

Olivia, trying to save Angelica

While falling, Olivia still had a relieved face because she knew that Leon would save her, and she is right. However, Leon calling her “Ms. Olivia” finally got on her nerves. In the past, Leon called her Livia, but because he is trying to distance himself, he is now using her full name. This time, we finally got to see Olivia’s character development. She can now voice her true feelings and show her emotions without holding back. She made it clear that she wants Leon to call her “Livia” again. Olivia finally told Leon that she doesn’t need any man aside from him. She wants to be with him, and have fun with Angelica like they used to. Most importantly, she confessed her love to Leon, which I also didn’t expect to happen because of her personality. With this, Leon’s stubbornness finally came to an end.

Olivia’s confession

Leon and Livia returned to the Holfort Academy’s ship. Though, the battle is still ongoing. The episode ended with a cliffhanger wherein the strongest knight of the Principality of Fanoss finally showed up and was ready to fight Leon. The battle will be concluded in episode 12, which will air on June 19, 2022, and will be available on Crunchyroll. If you’re happy to see Livia’s character development and confession in episode 11 of Trapped in a Dating Sim, you can vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

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