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Trash Taste Boys Feature Hololive VTuber On Their Podcast

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I never saw Trash Taste Boys featuring a Hololive VTuber coming but I can’t say I didn’t like it! But let’s start from the beggining.

Trash Taste is a podcast featuring three big anime youtubers:

On said show, they usually talk about anything, which makes it extremely entertaining and fresh. New episodes are uploaded every Friday and there are 23 of them out so far. You can watch whatever episode you want and you will certainly enjoy it as long as you are a fan of anime and either one of the three! This week though, they made the impossible happen! The Trash Taste “Boys” invite a guest from time to time, and this time they had Hololive EN’s Mori Calliope on their podcast!

Trash Taste VTuber
Screenshot from Trash Taste podcast featuring Mori Calliope

If you don’t know who Mori Calliope is you can really quickly read our article on Hololive EN here! Moreover, you can listen to Mori explaining it here if you didn’t quite get the idea:

You might be pleased to know some of the things Calliope talked about if you enjoy watching VTubers. However if you don’t enjoy Hololive don’t worry, I don’t either, but I had an awesome time learning some things about the whole thing. They covered subjects ranging from basic Hololive stuff to asking Mori what her view on “simps” is. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Hololive, I think it’s worth listening to the podcast because you can get a better idea of the thing that’s trending worldwide at the moment! Since the episode was really fun, I wouldn’t mind Trash Taste having another Hololive member as a guest in the future.

You can watch the whole podcast below:

Trash Taste Podcast Episode #23

You can watch/listen to Trash Taste podcast here:

However, if you want more Trash Taste podcast information, you can go to their website here!

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