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TRIBE NINE Anime Announced, From Akatsuki and TooKyo Games

The media mix project from publisher Akatsuki and developer Tokyo Games, TRIBE NINE, has that confirmed an anime adaptation will release in January 2022. It previously announced a video game. The story is in the fictional Neo Tokyo. Outlaw groups in 23 wards fight it out in “extreme baseball” duels. Still, they describe it not as a sport, but a form of dueling.

There are no stadiums — duels are held in the city streets. Fields take advantage of each of the 23 wards’ characteristics. The franchise’s keywords are “Tokyo,” “extreme sports,” and “street fight.” The anime has received a key visual:

As well as a trailer:

Funimation also confirmed that they are co-producing the anime, as well as that it’s getting a January 2022 release on the platform. The visual they released:

Production Staff

Director: Yuu Aoki
Series composition: Michiko Yokote
Anime character designer: Yosuke Yabumoto
Music: Masafumi Takada
Music producer: Lantis

Kazutaka Kodaka from TooKyo Games said: “I want to make full use of the city, like going from Center-Gai to Takeshita Street in Shibuya. (The famous spots in each ward will act as [baseball] bases). We know Kazutaka Kodaka previously wrote Danganronpa, and he also created Akudama Drive. We held an interview with him earlier this year, where he talked about Akudama and the differences to Danganronpa.

He also said, “Coming up with characters for wards that don’t have a distinct characteristic is the hard part.”

Development on the Tribe Nine project began some time ago. However, Shuuhei Yamaguchi from Akatsuki previously said that he wanted a lot of people to know about Tribe Nine, and hoped to make an anime adaption to bring it to peoples’ attention before. Guess that came true!

According to Kodaka, “basically everyone at TooKyo Games is involved in Tribe Nine. It’s a project on a scale that I have never experienced.” If it’s anything like Akudama Drive, which was our Anime of the Season for Fall 2020, and ranked 5th on Anime of the Year for 2020, we’re in for something amazing!

Source: Tribe Nine YouTube Channel
Official Twitter: @tribenine_tokyo
©Akatsuki Inc. / Tribe Nine Project

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