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Virtual YouTubers from 10 Countries Gather for Song Collab

Virtual YouTubers Song Collab gathers talents from 10 countries, making a milestone in the worldwide Virtual YouTuber community.

Singers from 10 countries sang “Uttatemita no Uta (A Song I Tried to Sing).” The song is composed by independent music circle HoneyWorks. This is also the theme song for the Chang Gero Sonic 2020 online music festival.

Uttatemita no Uta (A Song I Tried to Sing) is described as a love letter to utaite or cover singers. The song details the challenges they face. It also provides inspiration to those who want to follow in their footsteps.

Virtual YouTuber, Rin Oninosuzu, organized the collaboration, gathering 25 singers from 10 countries. The majority of the participants are Virtual YouTubers. Furthermore, it currently has 7,366 views as of press time.

The 25 participating singers in the Virtual YouTubers Song Collab

The 25 participants in the said collaboration are listed below. This is in order of appearance in the singer reveal video before the premiere:

Europe / United States / Russia

  • Issei Kai / France
  • Arietty / Germany
  • Kuzuryu Io (AtelierLive) / United Kingdom
  • Occha Douzo / USA
  • Pearl / USA
  • Planya (WePlanet) / Russia
  • Mana Renewal (WePlanet) / Russia

Southeast Asia

  • Kinari Hoku (Polygon Project) / Thailand
  • Liliana Vampaia (MyHolo TV) / Malaysia
  • Miori Celesta (Tsunderia) / South Korea


  • Oninosuzu Rin / Japan
  • Fraudrich·R·V / Japan
  • Michieki Tomaru / Japan
  • KuDaN / Japan
  • PIROPARU / Japan
  • Syukusei Batsumaru / Japan
  • Ririsya / Japan
  • Miya Kimino / Japan


  • AQUA+ / Indonesia
  • Evelyn / Indonesia
  • Akemi Nekomachi / Indonesia
  • Keitaa / Indonesia
  • Jaret Fajrianto / Indonesia
  • Zen Gunawan (MAHA5) / Indonesia
  • Kureiji Ollie (Hololive ID) / Indonesia

Behind the Scenes

Oninozusu Rin sheds light on this major collaboration in an email interview with Anime Corner. The singers are invited by Rin herself:

I selected the members for this collaboration, simply because I like them! I did, of course, consider the balance of voices, but they are all either friends of mine or VTubers I respect.

She is also happy that the ones she invited happily accepted her invitation:

I personally thought, “What wonderful work would we produce if we could sing in chorus? I want to see it!” and I invited them. I’m really grateful to all of them for readily joining.

The preparation for the collaboration is nothing but easy. Nevertheless, Rin pulled it off:

Troubles happened many times that upset me, but I managed to complete and release it without problems, so I’m now greatly filled with the feeling of achievement for that, and satisfaction that I could make my own dream come true.

It took six months, but I’m really glad that I did it again this year. Thank you for watching it a lot. I hope you keep watching it many times!

More collaborations in the future?

We asked Rin if there will be more collaborations like this in the future:

I’m doing this without affiliation, so I can’t guarantee it for sure, but I’d like to hold it next year, too.

Likewise, in her official Reddit post, Rin hopes that this Virtual YouTubers Song Collab will help viewers notice VTubers from around the world.

[…] I hope this will become good opportunity for you to notice awesome people around the world!

Virtual YouTuber Rin Oninosuzu on her Reddit post announcing the premiere of the song collab

In addition to Rin organizing the project, みかど@きつねいろ mixed the tracks. みや。created the movie. じゃがぼっくる/Jaga bokkuru provided illustrations.

SeMi PIANO assisted with chorus support. Rin also provided the English subtitles together with Occha Douzo.

On the other hand, this is not the first time such major undertaking is organized.

MUSE Indonesia also joined the fray by releasing “Janji (Promise)” this year. Janji features 20 Virtual YouTubers from all over the country, collectively as PROJEKT GENESIS.

Stay tuned to Anime Corner for the latest major updates as well as feature stories in the VTuber community.

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