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Undead Girl Murder Farce Episode 1 Preview Released

The upcoming Undead Girl Murder Farce anime has released the preview for episode 1. The episode will air on July 5 at 24:55 (JST). Studio Lapintrack is animating the series under the direction of Mamoru Hatakeyama.

The episode will introduce viewers to the setting of the story: the city of Tokyo in the 30th year of the Meiji Era (1897). Tsugaru Shinuchi, a demon killer at a freak show where monsters enjoy killing each other, is visited by a maid named Shizuko Hasei, who carries a severed head of a demon named Aya Rindo…

Noboru Takagi is doing the series composition, while Noriko Ito and Naho Kozono serve as chief animation directors. Ito and Kozono are also character designers and sub-character designers respectively. Yuma Yamaguchi is doing the music. The cast for the anime includes:

Crunchyroll will be streaming the anime as part of their Fuji TV +Ultra partnership. The streaming platform describes the plot as:
The 19th century — a world inhabited by vampires, golems, werewolves and other paranormal creatures. Immortal beauty and disembodied head Aya Rindo, along with half-human-half-demon “Demon Killer” Tsugaru Shunichi and her loyal maid Shizuku Hasei, travels through Europe as supernatural detective “The Cage User,” solving supernatural mysteries while she searches for her lost body.

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