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Uramichi Oniisan Episode 2 – It’s the Little Things and Existential Dread

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If you were worried about Uramichi Oniisan episode 2 being disappointing after an amazing season premiere last week, you worried for nothing. The new episode manages to stay just as fun and relatable, while also giving us a deeper insight into Uramichi’s life.

Life still sucks for Uramichi. He is incredibly burnt-out, struggling to find the motivation to do anything, and to top it all off, he dreams of flying alien birds who also happen to be carrying bread (?). His short-lived energy bursts surprise his colleagues. It doesn’t help that the kids are as curious as always and that his boss doesn’t understand him. Usahara is also still stepping on Uramichi’s toes, but Uramichi isn’t the one to let him go unpunished.

Iketeru is still laughing at childish jokes and being immature, which is perfectly fine (and also funny). Surprisingly enough, he has a dog that he cares for and cooks for. Unsurprisingly, their mental capacities are quite similar. Meanwhile, Utano is having an existential crisis and unintentionally taking it out on Uramichi and Iketeru. She ponders her life choices once again while still supporting her boyfriend.

Uramichi Oniisan Episode 2 spiders with cotton swabs

Uramichi’s speeches bring hope

Overall, Uramichi Oniisan isn’t a very eventful anime. However, Uramichi’s speeches more than make up for the lack of action. Every monologue in episode 2 hit close to home. From having hobbies as an adult to this imaginary concept of freedom children have, Uramichi doesn’t hold back. He is both disappointed and angry – disappointed with life, angry at society. And his anger is 100% justified – just who decided everyone needed a hobby?

Uramichi Oniisan Episode 2 cat

Even though Uramichi is cynical at the core, he still manages to find joy in the smallest things. Torturing Iketeru with “chin-chilla” jokes is probably stupid, but it does make the viewer laugh. Feeding a random cat he meets was also quite sweet. Not to mention that Usahara’s suffering also brings a smile to his face – an appropriate payoff for every transgression Usahara makes.

Since Uramichi is relatable to most of us, the fact that there is still some joy left in him also sparks hope for the rest of us. Maybe it’s not all so bad, and maybe we’ll eventually find meaning in life. But in the meantime, it’s the little things that will save us from existential dread.

Uramichi Oniisan Episode 2

Some final words about the voice acting in this anime – it’s absolutely amazing. The cast does a wonderful job, which is something I’ve already talked about. The song performances in episode 2 were too-notch, and Uramichi’s internal suffering wouldn’t be as relatable without Hiroshi Kamiya.

You can watch episode 2 of Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan on Funimation.

All images via Funimation

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