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The Duke of Death and His Maid Episode 2: What Am I to You?

Episode 2 of the rom-com series The Duke of Death and His Maid finally premiered, and the show introduced new characters, as well as giving a wholesome experience! Don’t miss out on this lovely relationship and watch the series now. Also, please be aware of spoiler-filled content.

What do we get in this episode? Would it make you laugh or sad? Since we all know that the plot of the series has some kind of bittersweet pinch on it, you might expect a mix of emotions while watching this week’s episode.

The Butler

The second episode of the series finally introduced a new character – Rob, the butler! He is the Duke’s butler who lives with him along with Alice. We could remember that the Duke mentioned his butler being absent in the previous episode when having a meeting with his former friend.

Rob is a very hardworking butler but is somehow too old for the job. When the Duke’s family outcasted him and sent him to their villa, Rob went along with him due to his old age. Thus, Rob also stood out as a father whom the Duke grew up with.

Although, due to his old age, he usually mistakes the Duke for Alice and went almost touching him. Also, it might seem that he’s also having a hard time hearing.

A Ballad for You

The Duke realized that if he’s going to be abandoned by his family, he needs to earn a living. Thus, he decided to write different musical pieces on the piano and sell it to the town.

Of course, Alice comes in doing the household and the mighty Duke’s eyes just couldn’t resist such beauty! Even we wouldn’t be able to resist it as well.

He felt distracted so he ought Alice to take a seat right next to him and let him finish playing the piano before she does the chores. The Duke played a somber yet very beautiful song, a song dedicated to no other than his maid. A romantic ballad played just for Alice, his inspiration.

The Dance

May I have this dance?” the Duke said. What a sweet and romantic moment isn’t it? Despite knowing that they’re not supposed to touch, they took their chances and danced under the moonlight.

Of course, it might be hard for both of them since they’re romantically dancing but it has its own limits. Being unable to touch each other just seems to be too much. We’ll all be waiting for the time the Duke and Alice finally hold hands together.

We shouldn’t also forget that wholesome post-credit scene at the end! The Duke finally confronted his own thoughts and directly asked Alice what she thinks of him not as a master, but as a man.

“I like you. I love you. I adore you. I only have eyes for you, my Duke.”


So, what did we get from watching this week’s episode? It was a lot of mixed emotions, that’s for sure. We laughed seeing the Duke gazing at Alice while she’s cleaning, we felt sad seeing Alice and the Duke dance without touching each other. But most of all, we had the best wholesome romance right at the very end of the episode!

You can watch episode 2 of The Duke of Death and His Maid here on Funimation. Once you’re done watching, you could read more features on Anime Corner as well.

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