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Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 10: Back in the Future

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Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- released episode 10 this Saturday, and we’re finally gotten back to where we started in episode 1! It began with Vivy unable to sing following Diva’s disappearance and her own return. She’s placed in a museum after retirement, and Matsumoto tells her the Singularity Project is over. She meets a kid named Osamu, and we see more time pass by as she tries to create her own song. Matsumoto also visits her every year, though she is stuck on a single phrase for a long time. Osamu grows up to get engaged, and even has a child.

vivy fluorite eye's song episode 10
Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- episode 10 screenshot

Since his wife passed away, he tells Vivy how she still lives on inside him, just like all humans do as long as someone remembers them. This finally allows Vivy to move on, and she decides to dedicate the first song written by an AI of their own will to Diva. Though, obviously it wasn’t going to end happily ever after. Osamu turned out to be Matsumoto himself, and Vivy woke up to see the AIs going wild just like in episode 1. They are singing something that sounds like her own song, and it might have been the reason for the ‘rebellion’ in the first place. If we remember back in episode 1, Matsumoto did say the following before placing humanity into Vivy’s hands:

Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- episode 10 screenshot

Could the burden somehow be carried in the song Vivy wrote? It might have affected the AIs on a deeper level. Even Matsumoto’s AI from the future said it made him forget himself while listening to it. As well as “I don’t know what came over me”. As Matsumoto said, it’s not a role Vivy wants, and she obviously didn’t mean to do it. But what if her song somehow caused the entire thing? It will certainly be interesting if there’s something more to it. Remember also the ‘revelation from heaven’ Kakitani talked about in the last episode. Nagatsuki Tappei and Umehara Eiji are in charge of the story, and there’s 3 more episodes left. Let’s see if there’s some surprising plot twist by the end, as well as what kind of ending it will be!

vivy fluorite eye's song episode 10
Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- episode 10 screenshot

You can watch Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- episode 10 on Funimation! You can also vote for it as the best of this week on our weekly poll. (It ranked 1st last week!) The next episode title is “World’s end Modulation – April 11, 2061” and will premiere next Saturday on June 5.

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