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VShojo Super Collab with Other VTubers Set on July 25

VShojo Super Collab features LazuLight, other independent VTubers

In another unprecedented move, VShojo has announced a Super Collab set on July 25. In the announcement posted on Twitter, six members from VShojo will collaborate with eight other VTubers. Zentreya, Silvervale, Ironmouse, Veibae, Froot and Nyatasha Nyanners represent VShojo in this collaboration.

Pikamee from VOMS Project, Scarra from Offline TV, Vienna of Cloud9 Esports and independent VTubers Bao and Haruka Karibu are listed in the collaboration as well. Also included is Nijisanji EN’s first wave unit LazuLight (Elira Pendora, Finana Ryugu, Pomu Rainpuff).

The VShojo Super Collab streams Sunday, July 25 at 2:00 PM Pacific Time (July 26 at 6:00 AM Japan Time). Each Super Collab participant will stream their points of view.

Eventually, Finana Ryugu of LazuLight revealed that the participants will play the physics sandbox game “Garry’s Mod.”

Prior to this, VShojo has concluded its collaboration with Pomu Rainpuff and Pikamee.

VShojo describes itself as a “talent-first VTuber company,” established in November 24, 2020. According to its website, the agency has a combined reach of more than 3.1 million YouTube subscribers, 2.5 million Twitch followers, and 1.8 million Twitter followers.

Previously, Anime Corner featured VShojo in a brief interview with its CEO, Justin “theGunRun” Ignacio during its debut.

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Source: VShojo offical Twitter

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