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VTubers Unite in YFU BABY: Dimensions Musical

The lovely YFU Baby special Dimensions: The Musical aired earlier this month, and with the director’s cut due to stream in just a few days, it might be worth taking a look at the original, just to see all the extra work YFU Baby put into her ambitious crossover event. To start, here’s the list of every VTuber featured in Dimensions: The Musical, starting with the leading lady herself:

  • YFU Baby
  • Onifu
  • Lumi
  • Feebee
  • Keira Ukagi
  • Multiverse Monarch
  • Takahata
  • Haruka
  • Sado
  • Riikami (as Dr. Ama)
  • Kirispica (as Harmony)
  • Sweetcheeks
  • Senz
  • Ayumi
  • Secret Subject
  • PAiDA
  • Saruei
  • Hazumi Okazaki
  • Yoro Yoyo
  • Suuga
  • Dayum Dahlia
  • Nana
  • Jiso
  • Saa
  • Haruka
  • Mimcubus
  • Layna Lazer
  • Juniper (Egocider)
  • Monkeychoob
  • Trickywi
  • Girl_DM
  • Reiyn
  • Domo
  • Fefe
  • Hylo
  • Tsun
  • Maddie
  • Yan
  • Kuu
  • Bao
  • Eri
  • FalseEyeD
  • Vivichanthedragon

More than 40 talented performers lit up the stream and entertained thousands of grateful fans on Twitch.

The video started out simply enough—YFU Baby appeared in her futuristic room and greeted her adoring fans before singing one of her amazing songs. After the song concluded, the first of her guests appeared on the bottom right of her screen to begin their collaboration—two people “very near and dear” to YFU Baby’s heart: Ayumi and Sweetcheeks.

After a casual chat with her friends, Onifu’s presence was felt, and while YFU Baby insisted that “she’ll learn how to stay in her place,” Onifu took the stage in a dark void and sang, showing her loneliness and resentment about sharing a body and soul with YFU Baby.

A central plot point is Onifu and her goal of freeing herself from YFU, using power she gained from taking souls sometime in October, and assistance from Dr. Ama, a disembodied voice who shows a keen interest in her. 

Onifu, with Dr. Ama’s assistance, overtakes YFU and takes command of the stream, talking to viewers in a casual and friendly manner, while YFU is trapped in a “2D world,” projecting on a screen and begging to be released, before being sent to the same dark void Onifu previously occupied. Before she lost all hope, her friends appeared to raise her spirits and worked together to help her return.

YFU and Onifu go on parallel journeys after Onifu takes over, both meeting and singing with various VTuber friends that further the plot and provide excellent fanservice for people who like VTubers. With over 40 present and accounted for, odds are good that someone will find their favorite among the cast.

Combining what seems to be a normal stream with a scripted musical drama was a stroke of genius executed perfectly by a talented cast. The large cast wasn’t simply there to be cameos, they played important roles that made for a truly epic tale. The audience itself plays a role as well, as YFU and Onifu will often talk to them directly, and the Multiverse Monarch herself needed to be convinced by the chat to intervene in the battle between YFU and Onifu. 

Fans can only hope that other VTubers take a chance and create a similar event that rivals anything on television today. Blending a great story with incredible songs—and copious fanservice with numerous VTubers appearing—creates a movie-like experience any VTuber fan should watch at least once. 

As great as it was, Dimensions: Director’s Cut edition will add “new songs and scenes to the roster,” so there is still more to look forward to.

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