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Wandering Witch Dakimakura Featuring Elaina To Release In February

We all love Elaina, and many seasonal fans also enjoy her adventures every week. Titled “Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina”, it is a TV anime adaptation of a novel of the same name. Movic recently announced the launch of a new Wandering Witch dakimakura (body pillow) featuring the adorable witch.

The approximate size is 160x50cm, and it has cute illustrations both the front and back. They are accepting reservations until December 13, 2020, and the expected release is February 12, 2021. The price with taxes included is 13,200 yen (~$126). Here’s another look at the beautiful pillow:

The original is a Japanese light novel , written by Jougi Shiraishi and illustrated by Azure. One of the interesting things about the series was a recent interview with the author. He said that the only thing he asked from the studio was not to show underwear. The reason is that he wants fans of all ages to enjoy the work, so he prefers it to have no fanservice.

The anime is very well received with international fans. It frequently ranks highly on our weekly polls, and her adventures are always enjoyable to watch. Personally didn’t expect the few dark episodes, but now I keep thinking it could go back to them at any point!

The Wandering Witch Dakimakura seems fun, and looking forward to seeing more of Elaina!

Source: Movic Website and Twitter
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