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World's Finest Assassin Episode 3: Lugh's First Kill

Episode 3 of The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat finally premiered, and things start to get slightly brutal. The episode also featured consistent, smooth animation and concise storytelling.

The Magic Training

Starting with the magic training of Lugh with Dia, it became highly controversial how Lugh is so overpowered at such a young age. Those who haven’t read the source material felt stunned by Lugh’s performance and his magical abilities. Also, the details of the series didn’t disappoint because even the magical chants contained the scientific properties of metal.

In the previous episode, Dia’s fiery entrance left us shocked considering that she’s only 3 years older than Lugh.

Lugh’s First Kill

Nevertheless, the story quickly progressed. 2 weeks have passed and Lugh’s magic training is finished. Afterward, the episode leaned into a slightly brutal scene. But do take note of that scene as it marks the highlight of the episode wherein Lugh assassinates his first target.

Lugh also asked his father why he didn’t train him to kill his emotions. He was taught to do so in his past life after all. His father told him that assassins are human beings too.

We’re not tools, but humans. You should do what you need to do, all while having your heart in it. To read someone’s heart, you need to have a perspective as a normal human.

– CIan (Lugh’s father)

You can also check the illustrations for episode 3 below:

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