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Yuru Camp Season 2 Themes Revealed

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Asaka and Eri Sasaki will be back for the opening and ending themes for the second season of Yuru Camp. It was revealed that Asaka will perform the opening while Eri Sasaki is in charge of the ending. Yuru Camp Season 2 will start broadcasting on January 2021.

Opening Theme

Seize the Day will be the title of the opening theme of the series. In addition, a CD will be available for purchase of the said theme. The CD contains a total of 6 tracks of 3 songs + off vocal and the included DVD will contain the music video and making of “Seize The Day”. The release of the CD will be on Janury 27, 2021. Furthermore, Asaka commented on the theme and you can read what she said on the rough translation below.

I will be singing the opening theme “Seize The Day” for Yuru Camp Season 2.
Continuing from the previous work, I am very happy to be involved in the work again!
Like the theme songs “SHINY DAYS” and “The Sunshower”, so far, it is a peaceful song that you will want to listen to at a campsite. I hope you enjoy the opening along with the anime!


Ending Theme

Moving over to the ending theme, the song will be entitled Next to Spring. The theme will also have its own CD and it comes in two version, the anime and the regular version. The anime version comes with more benefits like a big band specification drawn by the anime and a DVD. In addition, the DVD will include will include the theme’s music video and its making. Eri Sasaki also commented on the theme she’s going to perform. You can read her comment below.

This time, I will be in charge of the ending theme “Next to Spring” of Yurucamp Season 2!
This song was recorded in September 2018 when I was having a session in the studio with Hiro Nakamura, the co-author of the previous ending theme. Whenever I get a good phrase, I save it in the recording app on my smartphone, but at that time it gave me the “Yuru Camp” vibes and gave it a tentative title “Yuru Camp 2”. I’m really happy that the song was adopted two years later.
It’s a good song that makes me feel relaxed, a little lonely but warm, and my eyes get hot. Please look forward to it!

Eri Sasaki

Furthermore, both artists will be on the pre-screening event of the series which will be held on November 29, 2020. Along with the casts, they will perform together in the said event. Both theme songs of the series will be played on the pre-screening event so don’t miss it. Sadly, the tickets for Marunouchi Piccadilly, the main venue, have already been sold out. However, general tickets for live viewing at 36 movie theaters nationwide will be available for purchase starting November 14.

Source: Yuru Camp Website

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