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10 Must Watch Anime Of Summer 2021

Anime of Summer 2021 are just around the corner. The Spring 2021 season didn’t disappoint with some fantastic airings. Shows like Shadows House and Vivy -Flourite Eye’s Song- were some of the surprise favorites; while other shows like Tokyo Revengers and Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro lived up to their hype. However, the upcoming airings of the Summer 2021 season shouldn’t be forgotten.

However, due to some unfortunate circumstances, some of the early favorites have been delayed to later seasons. Check out a full list of what shows were delayed here. The good news is that not all the shows were pushed back, and some of the major players are still set for release. So, for the shows that remain, here is a list of Anime Corner’s picks for the must-watch shows of the Summer 2021 season.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2

(Premiering July 6th)

Previously delayed from its original Fall 2020 airing, this show was spared from a second delay. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime season 2 originally aired as part of the Winter 2021 season. Rimuru has become a demon lord, the Tempest Federation was saved, and control has been regained. However, not all is easy as Veldora has been released, and now the Dragon is free to reign once again.

On top of that, a war seems to be brewing between the Demon Lords. Rimuru must decide how he plans to keep the peace for the Tempest Federation after failing before. Does he stay to protect his kingdom, or take action and fight as a new Demon Lord?

©Taiki Kawakami, Fuse, KODANSHA/“Ten-Sura” Project

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S

(Premiering July 8th)

Your favorite Dragons return once again. Miss Kobayashi set off for work one day, only to return home to the head of a dragon, staring at her from across the balcony. The dragon turned out to be a sweet young girl dressed in a maid outfit, named Tooru. In a drunken stupor the night before, Kobayashi met the mythical beast in the woods and casually offered to let her crash with her. And so Tooru became her personal maidservant.

Besides some rather unorthodox methods of housekeeping and the occasional intrusion of mythical beings to her new home, Tooru does a pretty good job. Add some lovely friends like cute little Kanna Kamui, the busty Quetzalcoatl, and the hungry Elma, and it’s just a regular old party. One can only guess as to what adventures are waiting this season.

This show’s return has been greatly anticipated as it topped our list as the most anticipated show of this upcoming season in our pre- Summer 2021 poll. As one of the better-known shows with great animation and voice acting, if the show keeps its pace, it shall be the talk of the town this Summer.


My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

(Premiering July 3rd)

She’s back! You see, while most people would rather be the protagonist of a new world, a certain girl is on the other side. Reborn into a game she used to play as Katarina Claes, the game’s main antagonist, she is destined to lose every ending. However, she has extensive knowledge of the game from her previous life with her. She then makes it her mission to change the fate of her life as the villainess.

Last season saw Katarina barely make it out alive to retain her life. Now she must prepare again as she tries to live her life on eggshells, trying ever so hard to not set off the flag leading to her demise.

©2021 山口悟・一迅社/はめふらX製作委員会・MBS

The Detective Is Already Dead

(Premiering July 4th)

Kimizuka Kimihiko is the walking personification of Murphy’s Law. Anything from getting caught up in a crime scene, to accidentally witnessing a drug deal; if there’s trouble around, then he will find it willingly or not.

It makes no surprise when what should be a normal flight suddenly enters a state of emergency, now in dire need of a detective onboard. Unfortunately, as usual, he can’t seem to get away from this situation. A beautiful girl with silver hair who goes by the codename Siesta drags him into the fray. Declaring herself a detective, she unceremoniously decides to have Kimizuka become her assistant to the case.

That single moment becomes the beginning of many adventures around the globe. The pair become legendary as they took down criminal organizations, prevented disasters, and saved thousands. Sadly, Siesta’s untimely death three years later spells the end of their time together. Oh, Kimizuka, if only it was that easy. After spending a year trying to live under the radar, a beautiful girl with a certain silver hair arrives once again.

©2021 二語十・うみぼうず/KADOKAWA/たんもし製作委員会

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

(Premiering July 4th)

Enter Kazuya Souma, an unexpected hero after being transported to another world. What separates Souma from a traditional hero is that he’s a bit more practical than most. While others would slay monsters, he wants to rebuild the economy. Now betrothed to the princess, and abruptly planted on the throne, this realist sets out to get other people more talented than himself.

Follow Souma as he seeks to fix the fallen kingdom not through war, or any cool adventures. No, in this world, we do things with administrative reform and diplomacy, everyone’s favorite! This series isn’t your traditional isekai, as this Hero uses his head more than his muscles.

© どぜう丸・オーバーラップ/現国製作委員会

Girlfriend, Girlfriend

(Premiering July 3rd)

Welcome to the accidental Harem! Naoya Mukai finally gets a chance to date his childhood friend, Saki Saki after years of one-sided love. However, just as he seals the deal to his new relationship, he receives his own confession of love from Nagisa Minase.

Naoya tries to carefully reject her as he doesn’t want to hurt Nagisa’s feelings; but he also really wants to avoid betraying his new girlfriend’s trust in him. So clearly, Naoya comes up with the brilliant ‘solution’ to make both girls happy: to simply date both of them. Saki obviously is not totally on board, but after Naoya’s and Nagisa’s persistence, she finally submits. Thus, a three-way affair begins between Naoya, his girlfriend, and his ‘other’ girlfriend.

One of the few shows of this season that are not isekai-based, this Slice of Life looks to present some wholesomeness to the season. For fans of the Romantic Comedy genre, this may be your pick for the best Anime of Summer 2021.


The Duke Of Death And His Maid

(Premiering July 4th)

As a child, young duke Bocchan was cursed by a witch and was ‘gifted’ the power where every living thing he touches dies. Afraid of what the boy’s powers could do to them, his family forces him to move away into a mansion far away in the woods. The duke is treated as if he is dead himself and ignored, and is constantly shunned by old friends and family.

However, he is not always alone. His butler, Rob, and his maid Alice remain at his service. Alice treats him as a friend, playfully teasing him, and they form a growing relationship. Desiring freedom, the duke makes it his mission to break free from his wretched curse. Using some certain inhabitants of the supernatural, the duke begins his quest to undo his curse.


Remake Our Life

(Premiering July 3rd)

Hashiba Kyouya is a 28-year-old game developer. He becomes jobless as his company going bankrupt and is left to return to his hometown. He reflects on the success of others, and he finds himself regretting previous choices made. Wondering what would happen if he was given a second chance as he falls asleep.

Kyouya wakes up, to discover that he has traveled ten years into the past before he was a college student. Now given the second chance he dreamed of, Kyoya vows to make the most of his reborn life. Look forward to this Anime of Summer 2021 as it airs soon.


Peach Boy Riverside

(Premiering July 1st)

Saltorine Aldike also known as Sari was once a happy and cheerful princess who dreams of going on an adventure one day. She has grown tired of her life in the castle and seeks excitement. Coincidentally for her on one fateful day, ferocious demons known as “Oni” storm into her land, and threaten the lives of her people.

Thankfully, they are rescued by Kibitsu Mikoto, who slaughters the monsters with his mysterious “Peach Eye.” Sari is shocked by the realization of just how wild the outside world truly is. She decides to leave. go for her own adventure and learn about life outside her kingdom. Thus begins a series of events that will mold the world they know into something much different.


Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-

(Premiering July 7th)

Follow Makoto Misumi, an ordinary high school boy summoned to an alternate world. Now reborn as a mighty warrior, the only downside is that the goddess of the world is a bit mean. “Your face is ugly,” she says, as she strips him of his title, and sends him off to the edge of the wild.

While struggling to survive, Makoto meets everything from dragons and orcs to spiders and all other sorts of other monstrous creatures. Being so different from his homeworld, Makoto gains extraordinary powers in magic and combat. So, to survive in this world, Makato learns to become the hero he once was from scratch. Now begins the tale of a fantasy world reformed by a boy forsaken by gods and humans.


Alright, there are some of your options for the Anime of Summer 2021. Out of the ones listed, which one are you most excited about? Any other shows you think we should know about? Let us know what you think of this season!

With Spring 2021 wrapping up, be sure to cast your votes until July 02.

Descriptions and Images courtesy of Crunchyroll & Funimation

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