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86-Eighty Six: What We Know So Far About Frederica

The second cour of 86-Eighty Six has introduced us to a lot of characters so far. But none of them have been more prominent than Frederica. She has become a beacon of light on a rather dark series. A light that has left a positive mark on the Spearhead Squadron since they first met each other. It’s almost as if she’s filling the void left there by Lena. It’s no coincidence that most of the second cour doesn’t show Lena present while Frederica has been in the majority of scenes. Before that changed in episode 16, let’s go over a briefing of what we know so far about 86-Eighty Six‘s Frederica.

The Early Years

Augusta Frederica Adel-Adler, 10, was born and raised in what is now the Federal Republic of Giad. She was born an empress of the Giadian Empire and lived inside a fortress before an uprising within her country took place. Her birth year of 2139 is the same year the Giadian Empire created and ordered the Legion to attack the neighboring countries of The Republic of San Magnolia, The United Kingdom of Roa Garcia, and the Alliance of Wald. This caused the uprising and led Frederica to experience the traumatizations of war for the very first time. Luckily she was too young to be involved or command any troops. However, she still blames herself for what the Legion did to the Spearhead Squadron’s friends and families.

Frederica, 86-Eighty Six Episode 13

How Frederica Got to Where She Is Now

As a leader of the rebel army that overtook the Giadian Empire, Ernst Zimmerman refused to harm Frederica and instead made it seem that she was gone for good at the time. A final hoorah for the rebels that the war had been won as her imperial mantle was held high on a rebel soldiers’ bayonet. After the rebellion succeeded, Ernst took in Frederica and became her adopted father. Now she goes by the alias Frederica Rosenfort. Unfortunately, we still don’t know any information regarding Frederica’s real parents other than the fact they are of royal lineage.

Frederica’s Ability and Her New Role

Frederica’s lineage blessed her with a unique ability. It’s one that allows her to see glimpses of the past and present of any person she meets. There was even a moment during episode 13 when she explains her ability and we see her right eye change in a quick transition.

Her closest and only friend during her time in the Empire was Kiriya Nouzen, a member of the same Nouzen clan that Shin belongs to. After Kiriya’s death, Frederica now looks to Shin as an older brother figure she once had. Frederica is currently living with Ernst and the Spearhead Squadron, now called the Norldicht Squadron under the Federacy. And now she has made it a priority for her to be their official mascot, an old tradition that was passed down from the Empire. 

But don’t take that title as some useless position. Frederica’s upbeat and childlike behavior can sometimes be overshadowed by her maturity and wisdom beyond her years. So much so that she even stunned Ernst back in episode 13 when she realized he was treating the squadron just like the Republic of San Magnolia was, just not as sick and twisted.

Frederica does handle reports it seems like and tries to help Shin while he’s out in the field. But it’s nothing compared to what Lena was doing as the Spearhead Squadron’s handler back in cour one. This is all from the past few episodes. But it’s safe to say that Frederica is going to continue to play a prominent role. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be on the official poster of the second cour.

Going Forward

For now, this is all we know about Frederica from the current 86-Eighty Six episodes. Light novel readers will be ahead of the curve but fret not anime-only fans, there’s still much more to come for Frederica. Episode 15 of 86-Eighty Six’s pulled off something remarkable during her conversation with Shin. So if you want to learn more then read here.

Episode 16 gave us some amazing moments involving Frederica and what she saw, especially in the after-credits scene. So remember to vote for 86-Eighty Six in our weekly poll!

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