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Japanese Energy Company Looop Reactivates VTuber Program

Looop Inc., a Japan-based energy company focused on solar energy production and distribution, has rebooted its VTuber project, Looop-V. The talent, named Hinata Hino, will start streaming again by November this year.

She will be under the management of Delta-V, a Japan-based company that focuses on game development management, promotion, casting, and digital character development management.

Hinata Hino’s reference sheet. Photo Credits to Looop Inc. via PRTimes

Delta-V has also previously handled various VTuber projects, such as the Electronic Fairy Project.

Hinata’s latest character revamp is handled by illustrator Zaja Mimura.

Background On Hinata

Hinata first debuted on May 11, 2020, in an introductory video. Since then, she has been active in creating online content such as trying out virtual reality games and horror games.

She also did an interview with Looop Inc.’s CEO, Soichiro Nakamura, about the company’s mission and business duties.

Hinata’s lore describes her as a time-traveler who came from the future from the year 2111. Seeing that environmental degradation has become rampant due to global warming, a ‘professor’ created a technology that enables her to communicate to people in the year 2021. Instead, she is sent physically to this present day.

Hinata’s objective as she starts streaming is to learn and communicate the importance of green energy, a manifestation of the company’s move to promote solar energy.

To date, she has over 15k subscribers on her YouTube channel, and over 8k followers on Twitter.

Source: Official Looop-V Website via PRTimes / Banner from PRTimes, Hinata © Looop, Inc.

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