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How Many VTubers Exist in The World: 16000

Virtual YouTubers, also known as VTubers, are gaining recognition in recent years. Have you ever wondered how many VTubers exist? As of October 19, there are over 16,000 VTubers all over the world. Data technology company User Local announced this in a press release.

Data from User Local states that the number has been growing since December 2017, as follows:

DateNumber of VTubers
March 19, 20181,000
April 27, 20182,000
May 28, 20183,000
July 10, 20184,000
September 12, 20185,000
December 19, 20186,000
February 21, 20197,000
May 6, 20198,000
September 5, 20199,000
January 15, 202010,000
May 24, 202011,000
August 17, 202012,000
November 10, 202013,000
October 19, 202116,000

The company has calculated the numbers based on major Virtual YouTubers’ channels, as well as those who have applied for their rankings.

User Local’s Top 10 Worldwide VTuber Ranking

The ranking of top Virtual YouTubers on the User Local website

On the other hand, here are the top 10 VTubers on User Local’s website. Although the rankings in this release exclude Hololive production’s Houshou Marine who is on hiatus. She has 1.66 million subscribers and so she would be in 6th place.

The Top 10 VTubers

RankVirtual YouTuberNumber of Subscribers
1Gawr Gura (Hololive English)3.49 million
2Kizuna Ai2.98 million
3Usada Pekora (Hololive production)1.74 million
4Mori Calliope (Hololive English)1.74 million
5Inugami Korone (Hololive production) 1.70 million
6Shirakami Fubuki (Hololive production) 1.64 million
7Watson Amelia (Hololive English) 1.48 million
8A.I.Games (Kizuna Ai’s Game Channel)1.53 million
9Uruha Rushia (Hololive production)1.44 million
10Minato Aqua (Hololive production)1.41 million
User Local’s top 10 Virtual YouTubers based on the number of subscribers.

Worldwide VTuber impact

Hololive production’s VTubers are really popular in this field, as they almost conquer the worldwide rankings. In fact, they even collaborate with different organizations, such as a professional baseball league in Japan.

Although the chart is full of female VTubers, it doesn’t mean male VTubers are insignificant.

Nijisanji VTuber Kuzuha became the first male VTuber to achieve the 1 million subscriber milestone last September. He is also the first VTuber to have 1 million subscribers within Nijisanji.

Recently, both Hololive and Nijisanji continued to expand their global reach with the introduction of new VTubers this year. Meanwhile, US-based VShojo has signed a deal with Nippon TV’s V-Clan to expand their reach into the Japanese audience. The number of VTubers will keep increasing, and we’ll see how many we’ll have by the end of this year.

Did you know Anime Corner also has its very own VTuber, Tsukimi Lune? She hosts some shows such as Ani-Talk on the Anime Corner Facebook page. She streams her weekly Tsuki Talk chat on YouTube. And similarly, she plays games on Twitch.

Source: Press Release (JP), User Local / Banner Photo: Usada Pekora, Gawr Gura, Kizuna Ai. · © 2021 User Local, Inc. © COVER Corp. © Kizuna AI 

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