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A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 5 - A New Transfer Student

After Erika’s wholesome meet-up with her younger sister Sachi in episode 4, things slightly went astray for her in this one. That’s right, in episode 5 of A Couple of Cuckoos, Erika got expelled and transferred to Nagi and Hiro’s school. In the episode, we have seen the effect of Erika’s transfer and how it sets a direction for a wacky storyline of the series.

With Erika being a famous internet personality, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. In fact, part of it was even the reason why she was expelled. One simple mistake of posting a pic of her and Nagi together spells disaster for the internet celebrity. Despite her tender and caring personality, she can be pretty careless at times.

What’s even more interesting is that Erika’s character gets more fleshed out before we focus on another girl. And while her character is being unraveled more, the show also doesn’t lose touch with the other main characters, especially Nagi. For instance, even though Sachi was arguably the highlight of the previous episode, we got to see how Erika faces her younger sister and how she acts towards her. In this episode, it’s not any different as Hiro is now the instrument for Erika’s character reveal.

In the first half of the episode, we found out how Hiro can be such a hardcore nerd. However, the scene kinda made less sense because after Hiro tells Nagi that she has a fiance, she became even closer to him. It makes me wonder if Hiro really was telling the truth or was it all just an alibi. That’s something hopefully will know in the next episodes.

Fangirl Hiro

Since Erika just moved to a new school, she has trouble communicating with others even with Nagi due to her popularity. Nobody would approach her and she shunned people down until the class representative Hiro came to her. After Hiro toured Erika around the school, the two eventually became friends then Hiro cried out of nowhere. It was then revealed that she was a fan of Erika this whole time. Hiro’s personality this whole time was depicted as this perfect, charming, and diligent student, but as venture further in the story she’s actually not what we thought.

Funnily enough, despite Hiro being with Erika the entire day, she still doesn’t know about the engagement between the two. What’s even more hilarious is that Hiro founds out about Erika’s problems with her studies and proposes that both her and Nagi will help Erika out. As always, A Couple of Cuckoos never fail to set up the next episode.

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