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A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 4 - A Very Wholesome Episode

Erika finally meets her sister Sachi in episode 4 of A Couple of Cuckoos and it was one of the most wholesome and hilarious interactions yet. From their actions to the way they talk, everything is just a carbon copy of each other. The episode manages to prove that these two really are sisters and Nagi was amused by the two as well.

The main highlight of this episode was Sachi gaining more confidence through a very heartwarming scene in which Erika dresses her up. With her finally realizing that she can be as beautiful as her popular sister, she gets a pinch of character development. I mean that’s one way to get a character development since her hair is already too short to be cut.

In all honesty, I never expected at all that this series would have a very wholesome episode, let alone be the most wholesome episode in the entire spring season so far. I sure wish they will continue to build up the relationship between Erika and Sachi. A strong relationship between the two would be a great build-up that can result in some heavy drama of the inevitable harem trope where every girl will have to fight for the main guy. At the moment, the series hasn’t totally shown us yet that the sisters have feelings for Nagi but it constantly offers us a few subtle hints. I just love how while we get these teases, we see more characterization from them along the way.

Not Just Wholesome But a Crazy Episode Too

The episode may be wholesome all throughout but it started a bit crazy and surprising. Continuing where it left off in the previous episode, Nagi is truly a man of his word because when he finally achieved first place and beat Hiro, he confessed his feelings to her. As everyone would have guessed he gets rejected but not for the reasons we all thought. In fact, the reason why Hiro rejected Nagi is that she’s kinda in the same boat as him – she’s also engaged to someone. Who is Hiro engaged to? Well, it’s certainly not to Nagi and only future episodes can tell.

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