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A Girl & Her Guard Dog Episode 5 - A Protection Promise

A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 5 starts off where the last episode left off with the incident when Isaku was getting lotion for her friend and got kidnapped. She wakes up in a van with two guys in the front seats while she’s in the back, taped up, and she’s freaking out because she can’t do anything. Later on, however, Keiya saves her. As things were happening, he saw one of the kidnappers holding her tightly and this made him mad because he didn’t like people being too close to Isaku. Then, the guy aimed a gun at him, and she freaked out and hit her head against his to protect him from getting shot.

I would be frozen the whole time if I were in her shoes. Since I’m a girl, I don’t think I have the strength even to pull off that stunt where I hit someone’s head and make them bleed. It’s incredible how funny anime logic is, but I believe many girls can do what she did. As for me, I can’t do that, but kudos to her.

After the whole incident with the kidnapping, they decided to make a promise to keep each other safe and avoid risky activities that could lead to injury or worse. However, after making the promise, they got into trouble that required them to write apology essays, making them miss the barbecue and not watch the fireworks with the other students. This was their punishment for being absent, and since they were class representatives, they expected such consequences. This upset Isaku because she wanted to experience the high school life she had always dreamed of.

High school students in Japan often have summer vacation homework. Keiya, however, doesn’t want to do his homework, so he’s trying to get someone else to do it for him. Isaku caught him in the act and insisted they do the homework together instead. He then asked if they could receive a reward for doing it together, and that reward was to see her in her swimsuit. He didn’t want other guys to see her in a swimsuit; he wanted to be the only one to see it.

Later, when Isaku mentioned changing into her swimsuit, Keiya stopped her and said he had a surprise. It turned out that the surprise was recreating the barbecue and fireworks that they had missed and doing it at home to make her feel better.

It’s cute that he created that for her. I wish I had a friend who would help me feel better by recreating something I missed. There are many times when I miss out on fun things and don’t have the chance to experience them again. So, it’s great for her that she has someone who can recreate something she really wants to do.

My overall review of A Girl & Her Guard Dog episode 5 is okay. Over the past few episodes, I’ve been giving it a 6 or a 7 out of 10, and I’m sticking with that rating. I believe I’ll give this episode a 6.5/10 score because I feel the pacing was a little too fast, especially with the kidnapping scene and the school trip. Additionally, some of the animations seemed a bit odd. There were scenes where it looked like the characters weren’t talking to each other even though they were supposed to be. These were the aspects that didn’t work well for me. Nevertheless, the show is still cute in its own way.

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